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10 Reasons We Never Want To Grow Up

Written by admin  •  Thursday, 18.08.2016, 13:52
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Today, in the hustle of the traffic and in the gleam of the city lights you surely miss your childhood days. Those carefree, fun loving moments where life was much less cruel to you than it is now. Fewer commitments, less relations and fewer desires to be fulfilled and kept. You are keen to get back to those nostalgic moments.

Here are the main reasons why all of us never want to grow up:

1)No work only play

The only thing that bothered you was studying and that was much fun than the work you are assigned now.

2)No fake relations

There were no bitches in your life to ruin your day through their fake smiles and kisses.

3)YOU were “YOU”

You don’t need to pretend what you are not. You were delighted to play the role of yourself all the time.

4)YOU loved your fairyland more than the real world.

Living and enjoying that fairyland without any tension was not less than a blessing.

5)Little happiness

You were happy and felt bless about the little things you possessed. Happiness was not calculated with the money you owned.

6)Dirty yourself

You had the liberty to get drenched in the rains, fall in the puddle and making yourself dirty without having to worry whether the stains would get washed off your clothes or not.

7)Bodyguard ” parents

Your parents were always there to protect you from anything, you considered them to be your superheroes and felt safe in their presence.


8)Watching cartoons

Watching cartoons was any day better than watching the pain stricken worldly news.


Everyone loves the innocence in a child. As you grow up, the innocence gets lost and you learn to grow without it still feeling the void.

10)Tension free life

You had no worries about the stock market, nor did the thoughts of weekly progress report burden you. Any tensions in life were eased off by the comforting words of parents and teachers.

Childhood is the best moment of one’s life. You can live it only once. In this world full of hatred, jealousy and envy let us all learn from the children to fill the land with innocence, love and purity.

Author : Sanya Shaikh




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