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16 Proofs That You Are a Workaholic

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 16.06.2015, 14:39

If you are counted among those who are young and successful and love your job, perhaps a bit too much, while your friends are always complaining about their respective jobs then you are not alone. Some might even have started calling you a workaholic. It is time you read the signs and know the difference between a normal person who loves their job and a zombie who hates to leave their job and have a life.

  1. Happy Hour? No thanks – While your friends scrounge the nearby bars to get those offers on beers and cocktails, you are scrounging for coffee in your office cafeteria.
  1. You are amazed by the amount of time your friends can waste over hash tags and Fb statuses.
  1. Healthy Food for you is extra lettuce on your burger. You had a pineapple pastry, so that means you had your share of fruit, right?
  1. You love working after- hours.
  1. You get frantic with worry when you don’t receive an email every 10 minutes.
  1. You have considered the idea of showering and changing into your jammies at office at least once.
  1. You believe that you are the most hard- working person in this planet and deserve an award. Of course, you do have your moments of doubts.
  1. You hate calling in sick.
  1. Your near and dear ones always talk of taking things slow.
  1. You are single and not ready to mingle.
  1. You have your boss’s number on speed- dial but not your mom’s.
  1. There are people who mistake our passion for stupidity. Hah! Wait till people come for our autographs.
  1. Your lappy is like your child and if it crashes, you will go into clinical depression.
  1. If sleep for 6 hours straight, you feel you overslept.
  1. Your busy schedule has no place for marriage and babies.
  1. You are virtually and that counts right? No, and please get a real life with real people. You won’t die and take help before you crazy for real.



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