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3 Perfect Make-up Base According To Your Skin Tone

Written by admin  •  Thursday, 25.02.2016, 18:52

As we know we are always in the hurry and always ignoring our skin health. We never concern about it, if we do something then either it will affect it or not react on the skin. Do you keep your skin type in mind before buying the base for your makeup? If not then do it now because our skin is more sensitive than other skin type, so it is more important to know our skin type before applying any product.

 1. Oily skinBest-Foundation-for-Oily-Skin

Products like mousse and two way cake are perfect to get a matte finish for oily skin. Mousse gives a feather light finish. As it is cream based product that turns into powdery form.

 2. Normal skin1

This skin type has most options. Go with the latest foundation available in the market. As foundation gives you the little bit sheer to your skin. It creates a matte and velvety texture with oil controlling effect. It can be easily applied on the skin by brush.

 3. Dry skindry-skin-face

Switch your makeup from thick layered foundation to a lighter tinted moisturizer. Having a hint of color it works as a foundation and makes your skin look flawless.  This light weight formula provides you the matte finish and hydrates the skin.

As all these tips would help you. We never notice that what our skin need we apply whatever other said, so understand your skin type and use the products according to it. It did not mean you apply anything on your face it should in well mannered and in the proper way.

Author : Deeksha Goel



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