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5 DIY Tricks Every Girl Must Know

Written by admin  •  Friday, 14.10.2016, 10:29

Don’t you just love finding out about new tips and tricks that will help you in your everyday life? Whether they’re money-savers or handy things to know, there’s bound to be something here on this list that you’ll start using today.

1: Use a Hair Straightener As a Collar IronImage result for Use a Hair Straightener As a Collar Iron

Getting late for work or have an early flight to catch? The hair straightener as clothes iron is a smart little life hack that could definitely save time when you want to iron out a quick wrinkle or sharpen a crease in the event that you don’t have time to pull out the ironing board.

Here’s how you can get a nice sharp collars just the way you like them to be without the fuss of ironing. You can grab a pair of hair straighteners and get them hot, then press the fold of the collar down for a few seconds at a time, ironing the crease sharp.

2: Chewing Gum CatastropheImage result for Chewing Gum removal with ice cube

Dropped a gum on your clothes? It is extremely frustrating when that happens. But here’s an easy trick to deal with that.

Pick off as much gum as you possibly can. Then wrap an ice cube in cloth towel. Once it is wrapped, rub the affected area till the frozen gum residue falls off. If still some gum is stuck, use toothpick or butter knife to pick off.

3: Hairspray can remove a stainImage result for Hairspray can remove a stain

Got a stain that just wouldn’t leave your cloth? Dry cleaning or laundry doesn’t work too in such a situation. But, a hair spray surely does! All you need to do is spray hair spray onto the stain and let it sit on the stain for a few minutes. After this is done, gently wipe off the spray with a white cloth and then rinse the cloth in warm water or wash it accordingly.

4: Get rid of pilling by shaving your sweatersImage result for Get rid of pilling by shaving your sweaters

During winters we need sweaters all the time. The most annoying part is the pilling. It makes you look like you’ve been wearing the same clothes since a long time, even when you are not. But you can get rid of that by taking a disposable razor. Then pull the fabric near the affected area taught with one hand, which will prevent you from cutting through the garment. After this, gently shave upward with the razor in small strokes. However, always keep in mind to start with the lightest contact possible and then increase as necessary.

  1. Stretching shoes in an easy wayImage result for Stretching shoes in an easy way

How would you feel if you wouldn’t be able to wear a cute pair of shoes in your closet? I’m sure the feeling wouldn’t be good. But here’s a way that can help in stretching the shoes so that you can wear it. You just need to fill a couple of good quality zip lock baggies, half full of water. Seal them with most of the air out, and then place them in your shoes overnight in the freezer! Repeat, if required.

These tricks can be used on a daily basis. Its’ related to clothes, after all. It’s not always possible and rational to buy new things, when you can use them with little modifications. Every girl must be known to these tricks no matter what.

Author : Mohini Sharma


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