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5 Foods to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 19.07.2016, 19:15

Most of us girls dream of having a perfectly toned and fit body. We look at actresses, models and sports personalities and think, “Wow! Look at their body. I wish I had a body like that.” Many of us take a step further and indulge in dieting and work-outs to achieve the body of our dreams. While the rest of the body can be toned, it is not that easy to keep our tummies in shape. Many girls have a protruding belly, in spite of an otherwise pretty fit body. It requires proper exercise and some foods to lose that stubborn belly fat.

So here is a list of foods to help you lose your belly fat:

  1. Oats

    Smiling Woman Eating Cereal

Oats are one of the best foods one can have as breakfast. They keep you full for long, so you can avoid eating any snacks unhealthy snacks in between breakfast and lunch. Oats contain a good amount of fibres, are low in calories and give you energy. So if you have not already included oats in your diet, it’s high time now that you do, especially if you want to get rid of belly fat. But avoid having flavoured oats as they contain sugar. Buy plain ones and you can sweeten your oatmeal by adding fruits to it.

  1. NutsAlmond_eater_2728876b

Nuts like Brazil nuts, almonds and walnuts are very rich in fibres and thus help you to remain full for a long time, hence ensuring you do not munch on unhealthy stuff between meals. If you want to have something healthy for snacks, think of nuts.

  1. Legumeswoman-holding-a-bowl-of-peas

Beans are rich in proteins and fibre and low in calories, thus keeping you full for long. Beans also help in preventing obesity and keeping your waistline slim. Pulses and chickpeas stimulate the burning of calories and fats and boost weight-loss to a great extent. So do include legumes every day in your diet.

  1. Leafy greens1BC85880000005DC-2859971-image-m-3_1417650837785

Most of the green leafy vegetables, like spinach, celery, lettuce are very rich in fibres and at the same time very low in calories. Also, these veggies contain vital vitamins and minerals. So you can have a salad of these vegetables or even a smoothie, to get rid of belly fat quickly.

  1. Fish and lean meatswoman-eating-meat

Fishes and lean meats are very high in proteins, and more calories are burnt in digesting proteins than in digesting carbohydrates or fats. Fishes like salmon and tuna, while being rich in protein, are remarkably low in saturated fats. So opt for those to achieve that flat tummy quicker.

So there you go! Include the listed food items in your diet in order to lose belly fat and get slimmer waist. But apart from the diet, also exercise regularly. Even if not in the gym, go for a walk every day for at least half an hour and you will stay fit and your body slim.

Author : Vanshika Ambashtha


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