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5 Locations Around The World Perfect For Honeymoon

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 06.09.2016, 12:18

Honeymoon is always supposed to be spent in some fairy tale land where you are with your prince charming and everything is just perfect. The weather, the location, the food, the music, the people and at last solace found in the romance drenched landscape is all that a newlywed couple wants. Honeymoon are meant to be unique, spectacular, restful, and romantic.

So here is a list of beautiful and exotic places around the world where you can go with your special one to spend the special time of your life:

  1. Santorini, GreeceImage result for couple in Santorini, Greece

Greece is known for its beautiful landscapes and beautiful decorated cities. It looks magnificent as a myriad of blue houses decorated on perfectly undulating yet beautiful landscape. It gives immense pleasure to watch the sunset over the brilliant blue Aegean Sea from your own private terrace in Santorini.

  1. MaldivesImage result for couple in maldives

Exotic, exuberant, exhilarating and magnificent landscape and locations in Maldives will make any trip worth memorable. The most romantic archipelago on earth welcomes you with most beautiful beaches, most exotic hotels and the most romantic place on this earth.

  1. Florence, ItalyImage result for couple in Florence, Italy

Known for its Eiffel tower which is considered as a symbol for love, Italy is the best for a perfect romantic honeymoon. The music, the architecture, the food, the people and the locations of this country will make you fall in love with it. Watching the sunset, visiting the museums and sipping Chianti in cafes will make you feel amorous.

  1. Kauai, HawaiiImage result for couple in Kauai, Hawaii

Want to get away from the hustling bustling noise of city and want to escape into a completely different world. Well then say aloha to romance in Kauai, Hawaii. Get your hearts pumping on a hike through the lush green forests or dive into private waterfall.

  1. Moritz, SwitzerlandImage result for couple in Moritz, Switzerland

The memorizing valleys and hills of Switzerland and the cheesy food of European cuisine will you go drooling over this trip. This city, better known as the ‘Champagne city” is perfect for cosmopolitan couples who are looking for alpine adventures.

There are several destinations in the world where can spent their special time, their honeymoon. The place should be suitable as a subtle and sooth condition with surroundings amplifying the feeling for your partner. The honeymoon should be spent like that so that you both will cherish it until your old days.

Author : Akanksha Saxena



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