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5 Main Reasons Why Sunscreen Is A Must For Skin Protection

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 20.04.2016, 18:34

Summer peaks in and so do you make efforts to protect your skin from sun damage. You rely on usual sun protection methods of sunglasses, hats or scarves. While they hide our face from the sun, our body still remains unprotected.

Sunrays are of 2 kinds UVA rays and UVB rays and according to studies it was found that UVB are more likely to cause skin darkening.SPF, the sun protection factor protects our skin from this UVB damage.

 1. Care CorrectlySunscreen-to-prevent-suntan-and-sunburn-300x211

Applying Sunscreen SPF immediately while stepping out doesn’t make it that effective. It should be applied 20-30 minutes before going out and let it settle down to get the best results.

 2. There is nothing called a safe Tan403c60de08a2d7a7_shutterstock_120202225.preview

A tan is a proof of sun damage. If your skin is already tanned it doesn’t means it can’t be affected further. It can still be damaged to the next level under the sun.

 3. Never Hide2A96637B00000578-3163536-There_are_numerous_myths_around_suncream_including_you_can_t_get-a-30_1437054881748

We often hide our skin like hands under long sleeves, umbrellas and hats. Their protection is much below 15SPF and that means we still need a sunscreen lotion.

 4. Lowers Skin Cancer Risks

Suntan lotion woman applying sunscreen solar cream. Beautiful happy cute woman asian applying suntan cream from a plastic container to her nose with ocean in background.

Now this might be turned out like a whole different benefit of using sunscreens. We all use sunscreens for beauty reasons only but it has health benefits too. The kind of skin cancer that hit mostly the women in their 20’s.

 5. Prevents Premature Aging76ec2e794850c457_sunscreen.xxxlarge_1

Now who wants to look older?? No one! Sunscreen shields your skin from developing signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

With sunscreen on you may stay in sunlight for longer hours.Just reapply the sunscreen after every few hours to make it re-effective. Improper care and exposure to sun can make skin dark, uneven toned and patchy. So don’t let the Sun hide under your skin and use a sunscreen is a must to restore healthy looking and an even toned skin.

Author : Pallavi Rohatgi



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