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5 Most Visually-Attractive Libraries Around The World Every Book-Worm Should Visit!

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 22.03.2016, 19:25

If you are a book worm or the library seems like your second home, this one is for you only. Sometimes we all need a hideout an sometime alone, think about a library. Visually attractive library will make the situation much better. Who said libraries are boring and only meant for the nerds. If you have never been to these libraries mentioned below you would understand what I’m trying to say. These beautifully constructed libraries defy every single stereotyping feature about a library.

Each of them are unique in one way or the other. Have a look at them and judge yourself:

 1. Admont Abbey Library, Austria:lib1.jpg.CROP.original-original

This is a place which will make you go awestruck. With beautiful architecture and out-of-the world interiors, it is certainly going to absorb you in its beauty. It appears to be straight out of a fairy tale book and is the largest monastic library in the world.

 2. Seattle Public Library’s Central library: seattle_central_library

This amazing 21st Century architectural building represents the visual beauty of its Dutch architect.  This building has a glass faceted covering and covers around 363000 square foot of area. This construction is like a breath of fresh air as opposed to the traditional image of libraries.

 3. George Peabody Library, USA:peabody-library

This building is named after George Peabody who constructed this library in Baltimore, USA. George had built many museum and other structures but this remains one of his best. With extreme architectural beauty, it remains one of the finest libraries in the world.

 4. Musashino Art University and Museum:acf6923175d22ab0262bb77348e78b9c

This is the coolest library in the world. Its interiors are made up of wood and have a very exotic design. Instead of creating traditional book shelves, the Japanese architecture Sou Fujimoto, designed large wooden walls and transformed them into shelves, thus, creating a masterpiece in itself.

 5. The Royal Library, Copenhagen:111708576_808fdb2380_z

Built in polished Black granite, this building has been named as ‘The Black Diamond’. Built intelligently, the building has a monolithic form and is separated by an atrium of clear glass. This offers a classic view transparency.

So, now, whenever you decide to visit these states, make sure you visit the libraries too, to watch how beautifully they have been created. You will certainly not regret visiting them.

Author : Swati Misra


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