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5 Reasons To Hit Gym Regularly

Written by admin  •  Monday, 20.06.2016, 17:54

Most people crib about going to the gym. They either feel lazy or are irked due to slow progress. Yet they can’t leave it or miss a day. This is because the pros or benefits outweigh the lethargy. Once you start working out, it’s almost impossible to not have a love-hate relationship with it. Sure you would have sore muscles or body ache for a few days but as they say, no pain no gain.

So here are the reasons why you would absolutely love going to the gym:

 1. Endorphinsendorphine

Working out releases endorphins which make you feel happier. It gives you a natural high. Once you start your sets and exercises, it builds up your energy and enthusiasm. Post work out you feel all refreshed and frankly, lighter.

 2. Health

Indoor bycicle cycling in gym

Stop fretting over you weight! Have some patience and you would soon see results. Working out daily has numerous other benefits like it improves your body clock and sleep, digestion and metabolism, improves blood circulation, slows the aging process and improves mental acuity. With all these factors your body would show results soon.

 3. Goal setting


Going to the gym helps you take up and challenges and ensures that you meet your targets. It helps you keep a tab on your weight and achieve the desired results. Moreover sit sets a routine and a form of discipline which are important components for succeeding at anything in life. Moreover gym provides you with a variety of options. You would be trying out machines and handling equipment and doing exercises which you may not have tried out before.

  4. Releases stresswomen-working-out-400x400

Even though some people feel stressed about going to the gym, it can actually be a good stress buster. Working out can help you feel more confident about yourself and provide an outlet for all negative feelings like aggression or frustration. It’s almost cathartic.

 5. Positive self-image

Group of people at the gym

Going to helps you build a healthier body image and make you feel more confident about your body and thus about yourself. It gives a boost to you self-esteem. You would be able to see the difference in ways you interact with people and carry yourself. Plus it helps you take control of your diet and feel responsible for your decisions.

Once you hit the gym, it’s almost impossible to not love it not matter how much you crib about it. It’s addictive. It becomes a habit for all the right reasons and the day you won’t go you would feel like you have missed an important part of your schedule. Plus there’s the entertainment factor in terms of songs and TV and different people you would get to socialize with. So it’s time to get up your lazy bum and hit the gym!


Author :  Diksha Kakkar


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