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5 Reasons Why Girls Should Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Written by admin  •  Friday, 08.07.2016, 17:58

This has been a no brainer that alcohol does make us hallucinate or better yet makes us feel that we are in that happy place that we all secretly want to escape too. It relieves all the tension, stress along with all the worry and let us enjoy to the full. But even though it has some visible positive effects it has some noticeable side effects too that might want to make you go a little easy on those drinks.

Here are some of it:-

 1. Increase in appetite and weight!!

attractive drunk woman with wine

Although this theory remains uncertain but research has proved that while the calories consumed during drinking remain un-used. But according to Dr. Kent Bunting, consumption of alcohol has certainly led to increase in the appetite of people. The “lower limit” as defines for women is no more than 9 drinks per week and absolutely no more than 3 drinks per sitting.

 2. Not well reaction for the female bodybigstock_Beautiful_Woman_Drinking_From__35769

It is a quite well known fact that males and females react to alcohol differently. This may be because of reasons like men have more water concentration as in up to 61% while the females have only 52 % water content in their body. So the alcohol dilutes in males but not in females. The body fat also adds up to this conclusion. While the fat content in female remains to be high, fat being insoluble, doesn’t allow alcohol to dissolve and hence remain insoluble.

 3. Reproductive problems and breast cancerAlcohol-Addiction-300x199

While the consumption of alcohol is a stress reliever, it certainly causes some serious trouble too. Diseases like liver problems; increased blood pressure remains common between males and females, serious issues like breast cancer and reproductive problems have known to emerge at a quite rapid rate. Alcohol abuse can lead to hostility in the uterine area and can even lead to infertility.

 4. Chances are you will be tired all the timeindex

It not only leads to diseases but it can also lead to fatigue. We all have heard about hangovers and most of the alcohol consuming people even has witnessed it. It’s not an ideal thing to wake up with. It can lead to stress which further can lead to depression. These temporary hangovers can even become permanent if precautions are not taken.

 5. Mood changes54f5fb12118dc_-_01-woman-working-out-gym-lgn

We woman already are quite famous for our “mood swings”. Alcohol just magnifies them. They become more frequent more intensified and do not only irritate the people around us by our constant change of emotions but it could also affect our social life as well.

Sure in today’s time, drinking alcohol and doing drugs seems like a cool concept and an ideal thing that teenagers as well as adults think that need to do in order to “fit-in”, but what they fail to realize is the fact that there is more to life than this. Being a woman in this male dominant society is hard but, things have changed. Sure, women have an urge to prove that they are no less than men but this is not the only field you could do that right?

Author : Vrinda Aggarwal



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