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5 Reasons Why Is Everyone Going Crazy Over Turmeric Lattes

Written by admin  •  Monday, 20.06.2016, 19:40

Turmeric lattes are the new craze when it comes to healthy drinks. While people have been going bonkers over it in West, it’s an age old recipe or grandma’s remedy in India. Belonging to the ginger family, turmeric has curative properties and innumerable benefits. Made out of a house staple, it’s not only easy to make but also super yummy. Turmeric latte has been suggested 2016’s People Choice Drink not without a reason (or many for that matter).

Also known as the golden milk, here are the reasons that make the drink absolutely magical:

 1. Strengthens brain activitymaxresdefault

Turmeric milk is known to improve memory function and protect against Alzheimer’s disease. The compounds of the drink repair stem cells. For better results, try mixing the turmeric powder in almond milk.

 2. Relieves muscle painTurmericLatteforSite-1-edited

Turmeric milk has curative properties and helps in relieving muscle pain and repairing internal injuries. Moreover since it’s rich in nutrients, especially beneficial for those who have recently started working out or gym freaks.

  3. Medicinal propertiesturmeric-milk-latte-nutrition-stripped-recipe

Turmeric releases a compound called curcumin which anti-inflammatory. It’s anti-bacterial and boosts antioxidant levels and immune system. It helps in preventing and curing stomach ulcers and gut infection. It also improves your bowel movement and balance cholesterol levels and blood glucose in the body. Not only that, research has shown turmeric to be effective even against cancer, type 2 diabetes and depression.

 4. Gives you smooth skinturmeric-root-powder

Turmeric’s medicinal qualities make it a perfection addition to your beauty regime. It can prevent and cure blemishes and acne, reduce redness and skin irritation. Any skin problem is sure to get healed if the drink is taken on a regular basis.

 5. No side-effectsturmeric-latte.jpg.838x0_q80

The best thing about the drink is that despite it’s numerous virtues, it has absolutely no side-effects unlike, most of the anti-depressants or beauty creams. It has been an age old recipe in India and turmeric itself is used as an ingredient in other traditional recipes of the subcontinent. It seems like the perfect solution to all your problems be it pain, any ailment, skin problems or even inability to sleep at night. One cup of turmeric latte before bed is sure to induce a peaceful and happy sleep.

Well we are sold on the idea. It’s time you try out this hot new craze. Turmeric latte is one drink that deserves all the attention it’s been getting. It’s not just any new health fad , It’s the real deal!

Author :  Diksha Kakkar


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