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5 Reasons Why Women Cheat On Their Partners

Written by admin  •  Monday, 19.09.2016, 09:21

We often wonder how and why do women cheat even after a “5 year” old relationship. Everybody has a reason behind whatever they do and so do these women. A relationship for its sustenance requires trust, love, affection compassion and time. And sometimes a bit less essential ruin the recipe of your love life.

Here are a few reasons why a woman cheat on her partner:

  1. Lack of intimacyImage result for lack of intimacy in marriage

How long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look somewhere else? Women need and desire intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention. If you are not receiving this from your husband or boyfriend, it will only be a matter of time and you may seek it from another

  1. Bad sexImage result for lack of intimacy in marriage

If you are not getting any, enough, or nothing to talk about, you start to feel a sexual void. You need that excitement in the bedroom and when you don’t get it you get tempted to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

  1. UnappreciatedImage result for men unappreciated wife

“You look beautiful today”, “what would I do without you” are simple but strong lines, absence of which can cause mayhem in your relationship.

  1. Anger and RevengeImage result for men looking at other women

So he keeps talking about the girl at his work, let me show him he is not the only one who can cheat”. The feeling of anger and revenge clouds your good judgement and you end up cheating on him.

  1. BoredImage result for boring husband and wife

He doesn’t spray on that good smelling cologne anymore, his clothing is wrinkled, stained or way out-of- date. When he comes home from work, it’s the same old thing; “what’s for dinner“? You definitely deserve some excitement in your life.

Ladies, through this article we are not asking you to cheat, but we are asking you to discuss these issues with your partner when you see these signs. It is better to save a beautiful relationship while you still can.

Author : Mohini Sharma


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