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5 Romantic Countries You Must Visit With Your Special One

Written by admin  •  Monday, 19.09.2016, 09:52

While planning on the most memorable journey of your life, you surely need to make an effort to make it the best. Your trip needs to be packed with romance, adventure, exploration and sightseeing. Most of the times we are tired of visiting places in our country. We long to go far away from where we live along with the special one.

Here are 5 romantic countries that will make your date or honeymoon worth it:

  1. The MaldivesImage result for couple in The Maldives

Over-water bungalows, pink and orange sunsets, and romantic dinners in the warm Indian Ocean air make it the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

  1. ParisImage result for couple in paris

The city of love. It really is a place for lovers, for strolls along the Seine, sipping coffee at a café, and for picture-perfect moments in romantic neighbourhoods.

  1. RomeImage result for couple in rome

Lovers gather by its many fountains to throw coins as they make a wish, share gelatos and sip cappuccinos in the middle of beautiful piazzas, and walk past three thousand years of history.

  1. IndonesiaImage result for couple in Indonesia

Particularly Bali. While the island’s picturesque scenery attracts visitors from around the world, its unique culture and tradition keeps them coming back for more.

  1. VeniceImage result for couple in Venice

It looks like backdrop of many romantic Hollywood movies.  A fairy-tale of canals and breathtaking architecture simply steals your heart away

Travelling is one of the most favourite forms of art for people. Exploring new places and creating new memories with friends and family is just an exciting thought. Make sure you plan it out properly, so that you return back with some great memories :)

Author : Mohini Sharma


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