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5 Rules In Your Rulebook To Slay Your Make-Up

Written by admin  •  Monday, 27.06.2016, 16:26

While deciding what best products you can use for your make-up routine, the more important question we need to consider is how to put it on so that it doesn’t make you look like a painted porcelain doll. How many times have you seen girls with huge amounts of make-up on their faces and judged them?

These are the few basic rules you need to follow to not end up looking like that:

 1. Match your lip liner with the lipstickMACBraveLipstickandSoarLipLinerMACLipComboMACKylieJennerLipstickLookGetTheKylieJennerLookMACKylieJennerLipProductsMACLipstic_zps3d5cf99a

Wearing a darker shade with a lighter lipstick is the ugliest looking trend since the beginning. You do not want a person to wear a dark maroon liner with a bright red lipstick. If you’re still considering this though, remember that it will make you look at least ten years older than you already are.

Use one shade darker lip liner with your lipstick or if you want, use your lip liner as a lipstick. It gives a beautiful matte effect and saves you the pain of matching the color with your lipstick.

  2. Keep it natural during summer and monsoonmakeup

Apart from using it as an excuse to eat unlimited ice creams and hot crispy fried dishes, these seasons mean an abundance of heat and humidity. Runny make up is not a pretty sight to see; be it yours or someone else’s. Of course, waterproof make-up is your solution but it’s even better to keep it light and natural.

Go for a thin line of eye liner, a few strokes of mascara and apply your favorite lip balm and you’re good to go!

 3. Don’t forget the neckaid1395145-728px-Apply-MAC-Makeup-Step-5

How many times have we seen the shade of someone’s neck is way darker than their face? This is a very common mistake that many of us make, neglecting our necks while we go through with the rest of our make-up routine. We’ve seen a lot of celebrity make-up fails where the neck and the face contrast significantly; it’s a day-to-day occurrence and looks equally bad every day.

NEVER forget to apply foundation on your neck.

 4. Go easy on the make-up for a casual day with friends Group Of Happy Young Friends Toasting Wine Glass Outdoor While Having Lunch

So, all your friends are in town for the summer and you decide to catch up over a casual lunch date. Do you think it’s wise to show up wearing a summer dress and make-up plastered on your face like you’re going clubbing? The answer to this is, no, don’t go overboard. Keep it simple and chic with light make-up and maybe a hint of color on your lips. Trust me, it’ll amp up your glam quotient!

 5. Don’t Overdo it119  

Imagine this; you’re getting dressed for a wedding in a beautiful red gown. You want your makeup on point and spend one and a half hour to make it look on point. Your base is perfect and the smoky eye is flawless. In the end, you decide to put a bright red lipstick. Wrong! Your whole look changes making it look over the top.

Always play down either the eyes or the lips. Opt for a brownish nude shade instead to keep the focus on those eyes!

Here you have it, your personal guide for that perfect look to avoid looking like the next Barbie doll of your social circle. Live by these rules and you shall never have another embarrassing make-up experience! Keep it simple, keep it classy.

Author : Aayushi Mathur



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