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5 Shopping Habits To Hammer Down

Written by admin  •  Thursday, 19.05.2016, 15:36

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A well-dressed store window will always stop and yank you to the shop’s door like a dog on a leash. From misleading sales to logically placed merchandise, brands often forge a black hole on your finances. How many times have you bought stuff which you don’t need at the first place? Although an appreciation for luxury fashion labels is always perfect to know but let’s believe, it really won’t help pay off your credit card debts. Cost and worth are different thing, we often hang somewhere between shopping strictly out of need and emotional need. Don’t bury your head in the sand and avoid purchase pitfalls in the future.

Follow these 5 shopping habits to avoid spending frenzy:

  1. Write down1

You repeatedly buy something you really hadn’t planned on because you were temporarily blinded by how eye-catching and on-trend it is. Writing down what you want from department stores will help curb the desire for items you don’t need. Start noting!

  1. Rethink2

Being a shopaholic is a big time weakness of any women as sales staff can be quite persuasive, they will tell you literally anything to make a sale. So it’s easy to fall in the cage but before that just ask yourself this: do you really need it?

  1. Discount3

Take your time to think on the discounted product before you purchase if it stops you from overspending. Take advantage of  the discounts but keep yourself away from the flashy sales and be in the section where you need to shop. Smart spending needs time and planning, so start up already!

  1. Review4

After you are done picking up your stuff, review them. It’s wise to pay attention while taking out unwanted products from your shopping cart when in doubt. Keeping back something you really want is often challenging, but think upon it, how much better you’ll feel about yourself and your finances when you eliminate unnecessary spending.

  1. Walk off5

There is no disagreeing to the fact that the urge to shop is simply madness. Fight off those butterflies, give yourself few minutes, you will recognize that it is just an impulsive call. Tread on the heels and walk away with a smile. Overly, proud!

You may get a short-term sense of euphoria, but any emotional boost you experience will quickly give way to brand-new feelings of guilt and despair. Get the roots of the problem and nothing will influence you after you nail it down. Try these rules next time you go shopping. Bang on!

Author : Anuja Rajput

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