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5 Simple Tips To Irritate Your Boyfriend

Written by admin  •  Sunday, 15.11.2015, 15:48

You might have come across some disputes with your boyfriend by whom you have been hurt before. The very first step your boyfriend will do after a tussle is to convince you but don’t accept it at once. Instead, just make him to wander for some time. Let him to realize the value of your presence and company.

Here are some cool ways to take revenge against him whenever he comes for a peace-talk with you.

 1. Don’t care policy12-1421034436-desperate

On the first visit of reunite, he tries to come settle the battle. Don’t drown into his mellifluous speech. Pretend that you’re still angry with him. Don’t ever care whatever heroism he does!

 2. Talk with the one he hatesDating-Tips-for-Girls-Do-Not-Bore-Your-Boy-Friend

Certainly there will be a person whom he loathes much. Just go and talk with that person so that your friend gets irritated. Make sure that this attempt will not create a permanent creep among you both!

3. Go against himdrunkbf

Try to do the tasks which he hates to the core. Like if he dislikes black color, the next day, Display yourself as a black-beauty in a full dark dress from head-to-toe.

4. Call off his Callsrationing-cell-phone-minutes1

The moment he gets tired of, he will try to contact you by the greatest gadget, MOBILE. Do the same thing as before. Just avoid his calls although you want to attend!

5. Time to reconcileargue-14-e1327795858511

Yeah.! Enough!!. Make a full point to your clash. These attempts are more than sufficient to make him to realize his fault.

On the very next day, let him to see you in a happy mood with a romantic smile. Lock him up again :)

Author : Prashanth Shankar

prashanth shankar



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