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5 Things Must For A Girls Night Out

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 06.09.2016, 13:08

Girls night out means a fun overnight party outside your house, where girl buddies go out to let go of the current life issues and problems and just let loose and have some fun with their besties. There are certain ways by which you can make your night own more fun than ever.

Here are certain things which must be kept in mind while going out for a girl’s night:

  1. Work up that dressImage result for girls night out

Since everything needs to be funky, sassy and to the point, your dress should also reflect the same. And since it is a fun night out, then you should probably go for some funky yet trendy but stylish yet funky dress. You can also grab some new style if you haven’t tried them like retro style, gothic style, vintage may be or even a stylish one piece. Go bold and experiment with dress style, but smartly.

  1. Look phenomenalImage result for girls night out

Go on raid on YouTube tutorials for makeup looks. You can find a plethora of tutorials there on every looks that you want to carry. There is a myriad of different make styles tutorial present on YouTube. Just watch, learn from them and then apply those techniques on yourself.

  1. Booze overImage result for girls night out

Since it’s a night out and you have the freedom to do anything, and you should also probably get ready to get drunk and also face the hangover afterwards. Just let loose and just cheat on your restrictions and diet plans, and drink all your heart out.

  1. Car pool rideImage result for girls night out in a car

Get any of your friend ready to lend his or her car for the night, also warning them for the misleading that can happen in the car due to the hangover. You can yourself also be gutful and take your car and give ride to your group for the night.

  1. Emergency contacts on handImage result for girl using phone at night on road

Though it is fun night, but accidents can happen, you never know of them as they come without warnings. Just throw a small diary having all the emergency contacts, especially that of police and the close ones in your purse, or get those ready in your emergency contact list.

Girls night out can be hilarious with your friends and close ones. It gives you a chance to have fun among the girls and live the night as it is your last. Also keeping in mind some precautionary measures, GNO are amazingly rocking. 

Author : Akanksha Saxena


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