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5 Things To Know About Yoga For Beginners

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 09.07.2016, 18:12

The trend that has captivated the West with its simplicity and innumerable benefits is  yoga. For those of you who are unaware about it, Yoga is mental, physical and spiritual discipline practiced in India since ancient times. Other than benefiting the body, it relaxes the mind and is considered to be of immense help in psychotherapy as well. Yoga Day was recently celebrated by UN on 21 June which only points towards its growing importance.

So here are few things to keep in mind if you are planning to follow this trend:

 1. All around fitnesswoman_doing_yoga_on_deck_-_125144302__medium_4x3

Yoga consists of not just body postures but also breathing exercises. Thus it looks after not only your body parts or external look but also internal well being. According to WHO, health refers not only to physical state of body alone or absence of diseases. It also refers to mental and spiritual well-being and these goals are best achieved through yoga.

  2. Stress reliever1F5E2BDC00000578-2935611-image-a-38_1422828392542

Yoga calms the mind and body and relieves one of stress accumulated due to demands of everyday life. Meditation allows one to forget the worries of the world and relax.  Thereby increasing work efficiency and ability to control negative emotions. It provides you inner peace and thus calms your nerves.

  3. Weight lossyogalady1

Yoga helps in maintaining or losing weight. Yoga involves body postures and breathing exercises which improve metabolism of our body, sets scheduled time for meals and improves blood circulation. It’s a workout that’s gentle and without breaking a sweat you shed that fat.

  4. Flexibility and posturewoman-yoga-pose-2-720x480

Due to various postures and movements involved and muscles that get stretched during the session, it allows easy movement. It improves the body posture be it caused due to genetics or lifestyle. It unblocks struck area and allow whole body movement.

  5. PositivityYoga

Since yoga soothes the mind, it improves your energy levels, the way you deal with crisis, improves your relationships, strengthens your immune system and allows you to explore your intuitive side. When you mind is relaxed, it allows you to stay content and thus feel positive and achieve greater self awareness.

Thus yoga repairs and improves all aspects of one’s being. It’s still a mystery to many how a discipline so simple could have so many benefits but those who have adopted the practice swear by its advantages. It’s best practiced out in a cool and green place, in nature’s lap on spread mat. In case you don’t have time to attend classes you can learn it online through video and yoga consists of a few exercises that can be practiced on the go. So lead a healthy and peaceful life with yoga.

Author :  Diksha Kakkar


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