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5 Top Benefits Of Korean Kimchi

Written by admin  •  Friday, 01.07.2016, 17:09

A tangy, spicy, sweet and slightly fermented dish of pickled cabbage— kimchi is your best ally to go with rice based dishes or fried rolls and dumplings. Most people are put off by the smell and taste of bottled kimchi. But when made in the right manner, it is supposed to be quite delicious. Moreover, it is loaded with nutrients that are good for your gut. In the first stage, dipping the cabbage in salty brine kills off all the bacteria. Then the Lactobacillus bacteria convert the sugar into lactic acid, which is the same bacteria found in curd and is suggested for consumption to protect the lining of the digestive tract.

Here are some reasons to grab your kimchi serving:

 1. Radiant Skin and Hair dkin

Kimchi involves a modest amount of garlic. The selenium found in it, therefore, not only makes it good for shiny hair but also prevents wrinkles. Selenium is useful in strengthening the effect of Vitamin C in the body, which is in itself another vital component of kimchi, and thus improving the overall immune system.

  2. Lowering Cholesterol Levelskimchi-with-meals

High cholesterol increases blood pressure and hypertension, which ultimately hampers all your efforts of shedding the extra pounds. Thankfully, the garlic found in kimchi once again comes to the rescue. It contains allicin in addition to the selenium, both of which decrease your cholesterol levels and prevent the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Since they prevent build-up in your arteries, your chances of suffering from a stroke are lessened.

  3. Cancer Preventionsimple-ways-to-avoid-cancer-2

Amongst the various good nutrients found in kimchi, Vitamin A is a particularly useful one. It helps maintain good vision and gets rid of the free radicals in your body which could potentially cause cancer. Moreover, the Chinese cabbage and radish used to make the dish are in themselves good storehouses of bio-chemicals. These substances detoxify the liver and remove heavy metals from the kidneys and small intestine, thus reducing the chances of stomach cancer.

  4. Reducing Weight57340ff069567

Low in calories as it is, kimchi is a great substitute for oily Indian pickles to reduce or maintain a healthy weight. It boosts the body’s ability to break down carbohydrates and improve digestion. In fact, since it is spicy, the capsaicin found in it is particularly helpful in reducing weight.

 5. Probiotics for Digestionkimchi-on-lettuce

Probiotics, a well-known army of healthy bacteria which is all the rage amidst weight-watchers these days, is found in yogurt naturally. It is also found in specifically manufactures probiotic drinks. But these contain loads of unwanted sugar to enhance the flavor as well. In kimchi, it occurs without the added sugar. It is therefore a healthy choice.

A low-fat, high in fibre Korean staple kept in closed jars, kimchi is as close as it gets to our homemade pickle. It is a wonderful accompaniment to noodles, soups and rice, minus the fat and excessive salt of Indian pickles. Plus, it comes loaded with health benefits. What’s not to love about it? So go ahead and grab yourself a jar of kimchi right away. A tablespoon per day can very well save you from a host of diseases.

Author : Deepannita Misra

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