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5 TV Friendships That Are Every Girl’s BFF Goals

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 14.06.2016, 13:47

Shows on television give us a lot more than just entertainment. They teach us to be better people, they educate us and help us value the more important things in life. But most of all, TV shows give us aspirations to work towards. What better goal than to hope to have a stellar best friend forever?

The following are some of the best on-screen friendships that will give every girl some serious BFF goals:

  1. Monica and Rachel – Friends635856619887994794-1564516522_rachel

It goes without saying that when the show itself is entitled “Friends” then enviable friendship is all you get. But among the six friends, Mon and Rach stand out for their amazing relationship that has come a long way from high school to adulthood. They stand by each other through thick and thin. The affection they share is insurmountable.

  1. Carrie and Miranda – Sex and the Citycarriemiranda

Being a tale about four close friends, it’s hard to pick out the best of the bunch in “Sex and the City”. But it’s clear that Carrie and Miranda share a bond that is more special than the rest. Carrie is Miranda’s cheerleader whenever she doubts and thinks less of herself. Miranda is Carrie’s sounding board whenever her affairs go awry which is almost always. These two cannot do without the other.

  1. Robin and Lily How I Met Your Mother4987457_orig

“How I Met Your Mother” is nothing without these two amazing gal pals. From being lukewarm at first, their friendship grows spectacularly towards the end. A true mark of this is when in episode 4 of the last season, Lily tries to help Robin make new friends but is internally opposed to the notion of having to share her BFF; while at the same time, Robin hates any possible new friend because she always compares them with Lily, and so nobody matches up to her.

  1. Lorelai and Sookie – Gilmore Girls1580bhl

Gilmore Girls” is predominantly about a mother-daughter relationship, but friendship does not take a back seat. In fact, the rollercoaster of a relationship between the fire-and-ice duo is something to watch out for. Spunky Sookie adds a dash of lively zest in the orderly and organised Lorelai while the latter brings composure, reason and stability to the former’s eccentricity.

  1. Meredith and Cristina – Grey’s Anatomycristina-yang-meredith-grey

While most things come and go in “Grey’s Anatomy”, Yang and Grey’s friendship is long lasting. They never let the cut throat competition or the ups and downs of their medical profession come in the way of their friendship. They are each other’s support system – to raise fallen spirits when times are bad and to party hard when things are looking up. They are always there for each other.

So which TV pair do you and your BFF best identify with?

Author : Ekasmayi Naresh


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