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5 Ways To Carry High Heels Smartly

Written by admin  •  Thursday, 24.03.2016, 19:51
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Wearing high heels is a matter of great pride for women. However, just wearing them isn’t enough. You need to pull them off like a star. If you have always wanted to flaunt a very high heel in that important wedding of your friend, you must keep certain things in mind.

Here, we provide you with 5 ways to carry high heels with style.

 1. Pick the right size for heels

Sore feet trying on shoes

In order to look glamorous in those heels, try to wear the one with the right size. You must not try a very high heel which becomes impossible for you to walk. Wear an elegant heel with the right size to compliment your dress.

 2. Practice before the final walktancklub

It is always beneficial to do a rehearsal before the final act. So, when you buy yourself those amazing heels try to walk a little and make yourself comfortable in it. The better you are acquainted with the shoes, the better you can walk.

 3. Use your entire body to walk

Elegantly dressed blonde Caucasian businesswoman crossing the street on her way to work.

It is always advisable that while wearing heels try to coordinate the entire body for walking. You should use your upper body to move your lower portion so that some of the weight is released from the lower half. In this way you can walk better.

 4. Apply cushion to avoid blistersblack-shoes-lp

There are many over the counter things available to make your walk comfortable in heels. Try to fetch some cushioning stuff from the store to provide padding under the feet for better walk. This will also prevent the occurrence of blisters and pain in the entire feet.

 5. Walk slowlyhigh_heels_photolibrary

When you are carrying high heels the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should walk slowly. There is a reason why it is said that you should not wear heels to gym or sports. Try to take small steps and walk slowly for better control.

Always remember, size doesn’t matter but how you pull it off plays the key. Try to select a high heel with the right sole for maintain balance while walking.

Author : Swati Misra


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