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5 Ways To Control A Woman’s Mind

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 14.09.2016, 06:49


Somethings and some people are not the easiest to control. One of them is that of a woman’s mind because her mind is completely constricted it’s very hard to twist and turn or even manipulate as a matter of fact. It has also been said in psychology that after a certain age it’s very hard to manipulate the minds of a person especially that of a woman because she becomes one of the strongest factor in a family in a relationship and most of all for herself.

Here are some of the top 5 ways to control a woman’s mind:

  1. Take chargeImage result for dominant man

Some women look up to men as their role models as though they are leaders when it comes to decision making factor and well that happens very often. Well it’s something that women like that is when men take charge over something or over some factors of life again what is meant to be said is that only a few factors. Not all factors!

  1. IntelligenceImage result for man listen to your woman

Intelligence is the prize possession of every human being. So is that of a woman or man. But when the intelligence of a man increases it just builds faith and also helps a woman to believe that there is a way to see a sense of light in a particular person. This becomes a very important and a beautiful factor.

  1. Listening skillsImage result for man listen to your woman

When communicating with a woman in particular you need to understand that women love when a man understands and learns to listen to a woman that’s what makes a man an actual man and a woman to feel like she is being heard. Listening skills are very important in that of a man and it is something that every person loves.

  1. ObservationImage result for modern chivalry

Well most people say that having a good observation is the best part of being part any kind of family or relationship. What she wears? Every intricate detail becomes important in her life. If you are able to understand that and being able to have the most important factor of observing is that you learn more about her.

  1. MannerismImage result for modern chivalry

The way you are and the way you behave in front of a person especially a woman makes a lot more difference than you can see and trust me when I say this it does make a lot difference. There is just a lot more to a woman that just being nice. It is the fact that you behave well in front of a lady.

Well there is always more to this to please a woman but the ones that have said as of now have been said were some of the best advice that can be given to anyone as such about a woman. But there is more to be done than said!

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