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5 Ways To Get Rid Off PCOS

Written by admin  •  Friday, 09.09.2016, 14:16

PCOS stands for Plycystic Ovary Syndrome, it is a diseases which affects the ovaries producing eggs. In this the ovaries matures more than one eggs in a month and hence several follicles mature to become eggs at the same time, thus making one egg compatible to get fertilized and also forming cysts in the ovaries. This is quite common these days amongst the menstruating females. This leads to problem in conceiving the baby.

This disease can be removed or prevented by following these certain steps:

  1. Hot lemon waterImage result for Hot lemon water

In the early morning hours or after you wake up, just drink some hot water with lemon in it. It not only helps with PCOS but also helps in weight loss and purifying blood. The root cause for PCOS is obesity and hot lemon water is usually recommended to obese people to help lose their fat.

  1. Low Carb dietImage result for Low carb diet

Consume a low carbohydrate diet. Since high carbohydrate diet increases fat content in the body leading to obesity and hence might be triggering PCOS. Thus potatoes, rice, starchy foods and fried foods should either be reduced or avoided.

  1. Whole grain foodsImage result for Whole grain foods

Consume whole grain foods like whole grain bread, whole grain flour, and also fiber rich food. Whole grain foods are rich in fib re which helps in digesting food better and also prevents one from getting obese. Thus whole grain and fiber rich food must be consumed.

  1. Lots of veggiesImage result for Lots of veggies salad

Consume lots of vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, cucumbers etc. they are not only rich in minerals, nutrients, fibers and vitamins but helps in removing PCOS as well. A balanced should be chalked out in which a sufficient amount of veggies should be consumed on a daily basis.

  1. Exercise dailyImage result for woman exercising

Exercising daily help one to get fit, have a fat free body, well toned muscle and also get rid of PCOS. Certain types of exercises are recommended to people with PCOS. There are certain yoga postures which are helping in removing PCOS and weight training exercises are said to be best for people with PCOS.

Daily life sedentary lifestyle and bad food, junk food is the root for hormonal imbalances and body reckoning which causes PCOS. A strict diet and a lot of dedication is required to completely remove PCOS. On following a strict diet and exercise regime, this can be achieved.

Author : Akanksha Saxena


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