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Anti-Procrastination 101

5 Ways To Stop Leaving Everything Till The Last Minute!

Written by admin  •  Sunday, 28.08.2016, 10:58

You can’t deny it any longer! Procrastinating is an agonizing yet undeniably irresistible habit that we’ve all done, more than we’d like to admit. I myself am guilty of leaving everything off till the last minute, and usually I would do this with almost everything! From shaking off the responsibility of school work to household chores and even skipping my three meals a day, something I truly would hate doing… if I could stop of course. So, how can one rid themselves of this nasty habit?

Well, here are five ways how to stop leaving everything till the last minute:

 1. Make a to-do listImage result for woman making to do listIt’s always easier to get work done when you plan ahead. So, if you’ve got an exam coming up or work to get started on, make a to-do list or a time table to make sure you don’t blow off everything to the last minute! And don’t forget to give yourself breaks in-between, because everyone needs a break sometimes.

 2. Break it down!Image result for woman in office Doing your work all at once is probably the worst way to accomplish anything, plus it’s no fun now is it? So break it down and assign yourself a little work each time, and you’ll feel a lot better accomplishing your work one step at a time. You’ll also be more likely to finish and enjoy the free time you’ve earned a lot more!

 3. FocusImage result for woman in officeRemember, it takes determination to get the job done! Remind yourself to get things done before they pile up and eat you whole and remember that there are consequences of leaving things to the last minute. Focus your mind on the situation at hand and I guarantee you’ll thank yourself for it.

 4. Reward yourself!Image result for woman on dateThere’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for your hard work, but only after you’ve accomplished what you’ve set to accomplish. Tell yourself that there’s a holiday or dinner with friends on the other side if you finish and make it your goal to finish so that you can reward yourself without the guilt of unfinished work.

  5. No excuses!Image result for strong woman No playing mind tricks with your brain promising to do something ‘a little later’ or doing twice as much the next day if you don’t do it today. Believe me, that doesn’t work! You’ll only encourage yourself to procrastinate further until everything blows over right in front of you. So, don’t make excuses for yourself and get to work!

Procrastinating from your responsibilities is easier than living up to your responsibilities and accomplishing from them, but which one is more rewarding? Need I say more?

Author : Ramya Gopal



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