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5 Women Who Rocked The 22 Yards

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 01.12.2015, 09:39

Writing this article reminds me of a day in my childhood when my brother while watching a game of cricket had told me that cricket is not quite a woman’s game. Well, this article is my answer to him on how the GENTLEMEN’S GAME has turned to be the STRONG WOMAN’S GAME.

Here is a list of the 5 best female cricketers of all time:

1. Betty WilsonBettyWilson-2

Betty Wilson is a former Australian cricketer. She was a right handed batsman and an amazing right arm off spin bowler. She is considered to be the best female cricketer of all time.

2. Belinda Clarkimage_20130910124237

This Australian woman cricketer was the first to score a double century and a record holder in the women’s cricket for the most number of test and ODI runs.

3. Cathryn Fitzpatrickimage_20130304134222

Cathryn Fitzpatrick is an Australian. She is the fastest pace bowler in the world in women’s cricket bowling at a speed of 125kmph and has taken more than 100 wickets.

4. Enid Bakewell880-history-bakewell

Enid Bakewell is an English cricketer. She is considered to be the best English all rounder of woman’s cricket history. She became the first in both male and female cricket in England to take 10 wickets and score a century in the same match.

5. Mithali Rajindiamithaliraj

Mithali Raj is the current captain of the Indian women’s cricket team. She is often known as the best female batsman of all time. She is also ranked number 1 in the ICC batsman ranking. She has receives the Arjuna award as well.

Women have gone beyond boundaries and so have the balls thrown at their bat. They all inspired us for achieving what we want without giving a thought about the court in which the ball is! Proud to be a WOMAN :)

Author : Sayani Ghosh


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