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6 Gifts For The Best Man In Your Life

Written by admin  •  Monday, 30.05.2016, 17:35

Why?? Just why is it always 10x more difficult for women. While many women are happy with “go-to” gifts like candy, flowers, or jewelry, it is harder to find a gift that resonates with a man. Guys can be very hard to shop for.  So here’s a list of my carefully handpicked gift choices that go well with almost any gentleman, be it your brother, son, father or your better half.

  1. Coffee Maker7

Am not being judgmental, but men are lazy. But just as I say that, who doesn’t wish for ready made coffee in bed as soon as they wake. So gift him a coffee maker and make his every morning a happy one!

  1. Charging Hubed1b_converge_usb_charging_hub_back

Men and their love for gadgets! They want to get everything that is new as soon as it is in the market. Later they fret because they’ve lost their charger or all plug points are occupied! Apocalypse, right? Gift him this and you’ll be his god sent angel.

  1. Beer Cap TrapBEE01__00523.1446143806.1280.1280

This one for the artsy beer lover! It is a artsy shaped piece of metal which functions as both a beer cap opener and holder. When all the cap slots are full, you have one big memory compilation on your wall! Trust me, He’ll smile!

  1. A Premium Reclinerindex

Men want to sit, sleep, eat, drink and lounge in the same damn place! As uncomfortable and dirty as it might sound to us, it is their Bliss. Watch his face light up as he sees this gift of yours.

  1.  Grooming Kit76ce4c90a8c5709ab75bb932e4014e53

Yes, Men wish to be pampered too. Gift him an all-inclusive grooming kit. And be ready to be surprised as he will soon come back to ask you what store you got it from.

  1.  Back scratcher250pxback_scratcher1

I saved the funny one for the last!  If you have never seen your man try to rub his back against a wall trying to get rid of that disturbing itch, you don’t know him enough. When he has this, It’ll all be like ‘Ah right there, that’s the place!’.

You can buy him an all in one organizer, because men are equal to messy. A handy men kit can come in very handy too! A fishing kit for the long weekends? There’s more that we can add to this list. But now that you’ve been enlightened with a few, run to the store!

Author : Snigdha Mohana


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