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6 Rules For Dressing Up For Job Interview

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 24.10.2015, 16:36

Content, obviously, should be your prime concern when trying to tackle a job interview but keeping some things in mind when dressing up for the same, while being both professional and classy won’t go amiss. Be professional and try, for once, to dress to impress too rather than just to bring out your own personality. Be formal of course, but the key is to not go overboard with things.

 1. Don’t go overboard maxresdefault

With makeup of course! Try not to be too flashy for the risk of appearing gaudy. But whatever you apply, apply it with perfection. Red lipstick, a little bit of mascara (but not too much of anything)

 2. Keep heels to a minimalWomen's%20Interview%20Shoes

Heels too high cannot bode too well for you in an interview. Walk in with the perfect formal heel which match your outfit also.

 3. Comfort is a mustFormal-Office-Ladies-Work-Wear-Uniform-Style-2-Piece-font-b-Pants-b-font-font-b

Wear formals yes, but wear formals you are comfortable in rather than something which simply makes you look good but isn’t boding well for your confidence.

 4. Less perfumeperfume-14

Don’t wear perfume to an interview. Usually people have different tastes when it comes to fragrances and just in case your interviewer finds your perfume offensive, it will not bode well for you. Even over perfume can also create negative impact.

 5. Bring your glasses86798f15fe4869d6b5475e7ea84e0d7d

If you have prescribed glasses, bring them; they’ll make you look older and experienced. Also, if you’re wearing sunglasses before entering the premises, make sure to take them off.

  6. Avoid dark nail colors77a65ec771276d7062a72031e9643c4d

Your nails, in an interview should be either nude or of lighter colors but nothing dark. Avoid designs and sparkles.

The key is not simply to look good, but to look confident with a no-nonsense attitude which is mostly preferable.

Author : Divya Singh


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