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6 Things That Tells Us That Selena Gomez Is The Next Big Diva 

Written by admin  •  Friday, 22.07.2016, 07:38

Selena Gomez is the new fans favorite diva. Her revival tour has created a huge success for her career. Young teens love the way how she inspires everyone with her realistic thoughts. Selena is a allrounder; she can sing, dance and off course she is very photogenic and sexy. This Latin beauty has win over a lot of hearts. She is like a perfect combination of a tomboy with hot girl personality.

Here are the reasons why Selena Gomez is the next big Diva:

  1. Instagram queen

Selena at least have 90 million followers , quite a big number than her co stars. She has never hired any personnel for managing her Instagram or other accounts. She knows when is the right moment to capture memories and slay over the Instagram. The recent reports suggest that she might be earning around $550000 only from her Instagram posts.

 2. Loves her fans

Selena is very normal and friendly around her fans. She clicks selfies and sign autographs like any other popstar. But she really connect with, like for instance her many fans from foreign countries specially came to her concert but some sold them fake tickets. So selena arranged them V.I.P passes. Isn’t she really sweet.

  1. Fashion star

Selena knows how to carry herself. Her sexy slim body helps her to curve a lot of moves and spins on the dance floor. She has introduced her own range of fashion line which have all her latest designs of revival tour. She doesn’t even need makeup ,she is naturally very charming

  1. Food lover

Selena is such a big eating monster. She is totally my spirit animal. She eats a lot, like on the send she always have a burger or a sub. Best way to reach her heart is give her all her favorite dishes. She is a junkie lover, she works out a lot. She is the soul of every girl out there.

  1. She is a family girl

Selena spends a lot of her time with her family ad friends. She goes on vacations and enjoy traveling and exploring the deep oceans. After every concert she just goes out exploring the city, its art and fashion and meet people very casually if they can actually meet her without her body guards.

  1. She appreciates talent

There are many artists in the music industry. But Selena is very passionate towards art and so she appreciates every musician whom she meets. She has a lot of competition but she has really friendly relations with all of them like Taylor Swift who is almost her closest friend, Miley cyrus they worked together in Hannah Monatana. Well she is also a Wizards of Waverly Place Alex who does whatever she wants but is wise and creative like Selena. When she was at the VMA’s and her teen ex Justin Bieber got an award she gave a standing ovation for him .

These are the things that makes Selena such a wonderful person.She knows the value of the people attached to her and she actually appreciates their presence. She is very friendly with her co workers and has really happy memories and funny moments. She is a big bang theory fan especially Sheldon and she even watches powerpuff girls. She is all kiddish, amazing , bold ,sexy,smart and cute and everything at the same time. She knows how to face her problems and how to overcome them. She is definitely a diva.

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