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6 Things You Must Know About The Female Body

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 19.03.2016, 19:51

The female body is one of the best creations of lord. She is endowed with strength, tenderness and power. As a girl she grows up, and develops herself getting accustomed to the various hormonal changes that take place in her. Gradually these changes become a part of her growing life and these are actually those “changes” that make her the “WOMAN”.

 1. The beginning of her periods-1427466292rupi-kaur-period-pics-2

As a girl gets her first periods, she becomes more conscious of herself. Relax dear, it is an indication that your body is functioning normally. Cramps, mental irritation, pimples are all the after effects that follow in this cycle.

 2. Vaginal discharge-Root-Cause-Of-Recurring-Vaginal-Yeast-Infections

It is quite normal if there is white discharge taking place. However if there is any sort of irritation it is best to get medical attention.

 3. The menopause-menopause-s5-symptoms

Menopause is the absence of menstrual periods. When a woman reaches her menopause, her ovaries ceases to function and she no longer can conceive. The average age of menopause is 51 years.

 4. Breasts-article-2225986-15C95D45000005DC-627_638x486

Breasts start developing in a girl as she ages near puberty. The female sex hormone estrogen promotes the best development. During pregnancy, a group of hormones help in milk production for breast feeding.

 5. Cuddling-sex_9

Women take longer time to get aroused. They love the comfort in the cuddling. They feel safe and secured when you cuddle them.

 6. Osteoporosis-


It is a condition in which bone density decreases. It occurs with age in both men and women but it primarily affects women. It is advisable that women after they age 35 undergo regular bone density checkup and take Vitamin D supplements.

The female body is an incredible and an artistic piece of nature. She is born different and is herself responsible for nurturing and bringing life on this planet. Each female individual is different from each other, yet she is marvelous in her own way.

Author : Sanya Shaikh



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