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6 Ways To Burn More Calories Every Day!

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 20.02.2016, 16:49

Mostly every woman has very less of time to visit gym or do a regular workout because of her responsibilities. But as a matter of fact there are numerous ways with which one can burn a lot of calories every day by doing regular office work or household chores. For doing so, one does not need to do much effort. It’s just that one need to make up mind, ‘that yes I am in the need to burn calories and I will do so’.

Here are some of the ways to burn calories, a lot that too:

  1. Don’t just walk

    SLUG: HE-MISFITS28 DATE: July 9, 2009 CREDIT: Susan Biddle LOCATION: Ashburn, VA CAPTION: Jenny Hein and her friend Brigette Polmar have developed a web site called which shows people how they can exercise while they are doing other things - ie unloading dishwasher, picking up kids, blow drying hair, etc. Jenny demonstrates some of the moves.

While going up or down through stairs in your house you should not just walk but jump and run, that will help you a lot to burn a lot of calories. Going up stairs will work more.

  1. Take the help of ads2

While watching a series, you are surely going to face ads. So take it as an opportunity to get up in that time and run up to do some quick work.

  1. Listen to fast or upbeat music3

Listening to music is everyone’s favorite, right? Definitely yes. When listening to fast beat music you will find yourself dancing or moving on it. Such kind of music can boost up your mood and can give you an instant energy. This will help to burn a good amount of calories too.

  1. Workout when you are getting ready4

While applying lotions or body cream or while drying up your hair you can do squats or stretching exercises which would lead to burning of lot of calories.

  1. Take the other long way5

Insist of going on the regular shortcut, you can take the long way to go the work or for any work. Taking long routes can do a much help and you will also start feeling healthy and active.

  1. Waiting time6

When you are cooking something at your place and there is time for it to get ready, workout. Do squats or pushups or any type of exercise with which you may feel that yes it is working out and is helping you in burning calories.

Doing workout between such intervals and time will help you in burning a lot of calories every day. There will be many intervals in a day in which you may find yourself free, so just do some workout and use it as an opportunity. 

Author: Kruti Kakkad


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