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6 Ways To Replace Milk Without Losing Out On The Fun

Written by admin  •  Friday, 09.09.2016, 15:48

Being lactose intolerant can wreak havoc on one’s life. It calls for numerous lifestyle changes and taking multiple precautions while eating. Most importantly, it means that one cannot consume milk. This can become a huge problem as it eliminates a lot of nutrients and a major source of calcium from the diet. This can be resolved by taking in other sources of protein and calcium in the diet. But sometimes, one might miss the taste of the beverage. Thankfully, all is not lost if you are lactose intolerant. There are plenty of dairy milk alternatives for you to choose from, to replace milk in your breakfast and cooking.

Here are some dairy milk alternatives to try from:

  1. Rice milkImage result for Rice milk

Cooked rice, water and enzymes create this milk with slightly sweeter undertones. It is popularly used as replacement in coffee and desserts due to this quality. If you are particularly allergic to nuts, this could be the safest choice for you. However, it does have a lot of carbs and calories. So you need to be careful of how much you consume.

  1. Cashew milkImage result for Cashew milk

The creaminess of cashews lends this milk a texture that matches full fat dairy milk very closely. It also has a lot of calcium and vitamin D content to match the nutritional requirements. However, manufactured cashew milk may be watered down. It means that you will end up paying more for lesser nut content.

  1. Coconut milkImage result for Coconut milk

It has a longer shelf life, and perhaps comes closest to low fat skimmed milk in texture and mouth-feel. You could substitute it for milk in smoothies and for cooking a sweeter, slightly different tasting oatmeal. Canned coconut milk is richer and thicker, and can be easily used to thicken curries. It is especially useful for cooking Thai curries and South Indian food. However, it definitely lacks sufficient protein content.

  1. Soy milkImage result for Soy milk

This substitute probably comes closest to dairy milk in its nutritional values. It is packed with protein. On the downside, though, it has a chalky taste which may not appeal to many. Also, manufactured soy milk is expensive and usually comes laced with sugar. So if you can afford it, go for the organic version. It can be easily used in cereals and smoothies.

  1. Almond milkImage result for Almond milk

One of the first dairy-free replacement beverages to become popular, almond milk is made from skinned almonds. It has a mild nutty taste that goes well with your breakfast. Additionally, it contains very little saturated fat and lots of vitamin E to improve brain and muscle health.

Having to live without milk can be a pain. You can’t have tea, coffee, oatmeal or cereals. It can end in disaster. Thankfully, dairy substitutes are here to make life easier for you. Choose wisely and when buying tetra packs of these from the supermarket, be careful of the ingredients. You’ll be all set to go dairy-free in no time!

Author Deepannita Misra

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