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7 Fashion Disasters Of 2016

Written by admin  •  Thursday, 28.01.2016, 16:23

Man makes clothes, clothes do not make men. But when you are in the show biz your clothes speak volumes of you. Everyone judges you by your clothes and it is very important to wear the right clothes for the right occasions otherwise you will be judged by fashion critics all year long. There are some celeb who never get it wrong but there are some who JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

So here is a list of the fashion disasters of the last year:

 1. Lady Gagalady gaga

Bold, beautiful, daring and flamboyant….her fashion sense speaks it all. From meat dress to OTT hairstyles, all are fine. But this black and white weird dress just does not make go gaga over her.

 2. Hilary Swankhilary

Sometimes it is important to observe things well. If the designer thought that a shirt beneath the dress would look classy, then he must have really given it a thought. Messing with the creator’s thought and wearing just anything you like makes you look just like Hilary Swank look s in this dress without the shirt. So observe!

 3. Bollywood Divasbollywood

Bold and beautiful women like Sushmita Sen and Sonam Kapoor rarely go wrong with their fashion sense. But alas! Everyone has her bad day so these bollywood divas. They wearing clothes that look like a disasters killing fashion loving people.

 4. Miley Cyrusmiley

An article on fashion and this woman not there???? IMPOSSIBLE. She is so frequent a fashion disaster that list without her is always incomplete. PERIOD.

 5. Kim Kardashians

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Sometimes on the spurt of a moment while surfing the net or looking through the newspapers, I feel, the world might one day be conquered by the Kardashians. There is so much Kardashian everywhere. And Kim kardashian has not missed to be in this list as well. Not only is her too much skin showing outfit a big flop but also her newly bleached blonde.

 6. Kris Jenner

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04: Kris Jenner attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Like mother like daughter. It is evident that miss Kardashian follows her mother Kris Jenner’s fashion tips which are completely bizarre. It looks like Kris Jenner has worn the red carpet at the red carpet.

 7. Rita Ora


This fifty shades of grey star looks horribly disastrous in this pearl white dress. I am sure she could have done better without showing so much of skin, we have already seen that in her movie.

Fashion is all about experiments but experiments do go wrong. But hope for the best :)

Author : Sayani Ghosh


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