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7 Hangover Hacks To Get Back In Your Senses The Next Morning

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 16.07.2016, 17:39

Let me drink, move my butt, dance like a queen! Oops is it morning now and I have work tomorrow. My head is going round and round what I had tequila no vodka no I had whisky. Well I hate this hangover. I need something to cool me down like some kind of solution for this hangover otherwise my boss will kick me out from the office. Well these kinds of situations are very common for the party blasters, but all they need are some simple solutions to get over their hangovers.

These are the best hangover hacks to get back in senses the next morning:

  1. Intake of H2osb10064838d-001

Well one needs to hydrate and drink a lot of water to get rid of the frenzy state. Water will help you to come into reality and will make you realize that the illusion world does not exist. So drink a lot of chilled water from your refrigerator

  1. Sleep240_F_93874277_RxO6kuaW4ICBRob8fftQCL8Y3dvHVFQn

You need not to go into the phase of insomnia. You need a lot of sleep because your head will be spinning around. You will feel like jumping off the cliff but you wouldn’t realize it that it’s just your bed and you are not going to die. So just go to sleep so that your head will get some rest too.

  1. Lemon juice2A14D79B00000578-3143050-image-a-1_1435585930619

Yes a perfect solution after the hangover. Drink a glass of water with some lemon juice it will help to let go off your pain in the head plus you will feel relaxed and refreshed. And eventually everything will turn out to be normal don’t worry.

  1. Eat something499211145

Yes you should definitely eat something because you will be feeling sick of the pain in the head and those dirty vomiting. Your stomach will be empty so eat something you like and then drink a lot of water and then pee to let go off the alcohol from your body.  So definitely eat something so that you don’t feel sick or hungry.

  1. Take a shower

    Portrait of woman taking shower

Well if you’re absolutely drunk and you don’t have any time to sleep and you have to go to work in just like 2-3 hours you need to have a long hour bath. Just go into your washroom and take a chilled water shower so all your confused senses can stop dancing around and you can taste the world of reality.

  1. Get some exerciseBED-EXERCISE-THUMB

Well you go do some exercises know it’s difficult to do in the state of being drunk. Next morning when you make up just do some simple exercises like take deep breaths and bend down and up to have some relaxing time.

  1. Avoid pain killers121128010950-medicine-hangover-myths-horizontal-large-gallery

People say take some kind of drug to heal down your hangover. But you should totally avoid it. Like those aspirin and Crocin  or any pain killer won’t help you from your head ache or vomiting. They can even have some side effects so just avoid them.

Well if you are a newbie at the parties and just started drinking and you care about your job and everything. So I guess these hacks would help you get rid of the hangover that you will eventually suffer from.

Author : Shreya Khosla


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