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7 Qualities Which Makes Him An Ideal Boyfriend

Written by admin  •  Monday, 16.05.2016, 18:26

Being in a relationship is a full time job. You’ve to contribute so much of your time, energy and emotions to make it work. So, why spend it all on a guy who is not even worth it or who is not here for a long time? Would you be okay accepting the first guy you stumble over as your Mr. Right? It might end up with you having a broken heart and a bucket full of regrets.

On the other hand, you can contemplate your choice by discreetly assessing him. If he lives up to your expectations, you’re in for a healthy and long-lasting relationship with a partner who will not disappoint you in the long run.

Make a list of your desired qualities and re-check them with those listed below and confirm if you’re with the right person!

  1. How much goals oriented he is? 1

Having a guy with clear cut goals and perspective becomes utmost important when you’re looking for a long term relationship. Merely keeping his appearance in mind while assessing him will not be a smart move on your part. Right now, you might be fascinated by his looks which include a charming body and beautiful eyes but all those things will haunt you in the future when he will not be bringing anything home except for the bills you will be entitled to pay. So, make sure you’re in a relationship with a guy who has a vision and zeal to do something with his life. So, unless and until you’re seeing an absolutely hot vampire who will stay gorgeous for the rest of your life (because his life is never-ending), do not make his appealing looks the base of your judgment.

  1. Does he even know you?2

Who doesn’t like having a person who pays close attention to you? When you’re making such an important decision of your life, make it a point to note how much attention he is paying you. We’re not talking about those weekly, monthly anniversaries but he should, at least, remember your favorite holidays, movies, color, etc. Having a person who is totally oblivious to your likes and dislikes would never be able to live up to your expectations. Also, remember, there’s a difference between having a nagging boyfriend and being with a hands on, attentive man. Also, he should be ready to let you meet his family and friends. It shows his seriousness and willingness to make it work!

  1. Wait, is he your boyfriend or a watchdog? 3

Very few women would wish to have those hot, sexy and on point boyfriends who takes up your personal space and leaves no room for anyone else. These kind of alpha males look hot and desirable only in books and movies. If you would have a walking and breathing Christian Grey in your life, who buys a company just because you work there, you would either wish to strangle him or stab yourself in the eyes for not being able to see that coming. Giving freedom to each other is very important. If he doesn’t like you hanging out with other guys or shows his displeasure whenever you make plans with other friends, it’s time for you to show him where the exit is.

  1. Better be good with you as well as other!4

How he treats you is important but his behavior with other is important as well. What if you fail to notice that he treats everyone as if he owns them and shows no respect, whatsoever, to them and their work? A gentleman is not a gentleman who treats his equals with respect. He would be called a gentleman if he treats his juniors and less privileged people with utmost respect and care as well and that’s the kind of man you should have in your life.

  1. Adds to your personality 5

A busy, vibrant goal oriented women is a lot more attractive that the one who spends her life waiting for her Prince charming. This is the kind of attitude your man should have towards your work and life. He should add-on to it with his suggestions and not downsizes it with his disinterestedness towards it. Your boyfriend should be your strength who puts a lot of faith in you. He should boost your confidence when you’re feeling low and should be your motivation to do better in and with your life. If he is simply looking for a pretty face to pass his free time with, walk away now!

  1. What about your life in bed?6

Why would you continue a relationship featuring dry and abnormally silent sex life? Your physical needs are as important as emotional ones. If you have a not-so-good relationship in bed, it’s a given fact that you will be in a pesky mood all day long. Also, if both of you feel that your sexual appetite is not full filled, you will look for it somewhere else! So, why stay and be unsatisfied in a relationship when you have so many options. This is a key feature to every relationship. Make sure you don’t overlook it just because the guy is successful and loaded.

  1. Does he have enough time to spare? 7

What if your man is too goal oriented and he has no free time for you? What about the time when you’ll have an important issue to discuss and he is in a meeting? Having a goal oriented guy is a big yes but having a guy who has time only for his life, his dreams, his ideas and his future? Seems a little too selfish, doesn’t it? So, put your cards on the table and tell him that you are not here to be friends with loneliness and if he is too busy building a life of his own, he might as well live in it sans you.

It would be stupid to think that your man would be flawless. We all have our own flaws but, having too many vices is not right. It should also be taken into account that it takes two to tango and you sure as hell cannot expect a successful yet attentive boyfriend when you’re too distracted to have one. It’s not a trend to be in a relationship. If you have your life to build and zero time to spare, you might as well stay single for a few more days, weeks or years and find your Mr. Right afterwards!

Author : Priyanka Chauhan


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