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7 Summer Fashion Tips From Head To Toe

Written by admin  •  Monday, 12.09.2016, 12:40

Summer is the time we ladies love to go to water parks, beaches, or tropical destinations. Be it a friend’s tea party in the morning, a friendly sports game, a poolside party or a beach gathering, these simple summer fashion tips should definitely be followed to make sure you stand out of the crowd and be the best dressed women around.

Here are some summer fashion tips from head to toe to woo the world:

  1. HatsImage result for woman wearing hats in summer

There is no need to be excessively hat-conscious like the Mad Hatter but a simple and pretty hat makes a great difference in your summer look. Large sun hats are attractive and noticeable. Hats with floral prints and knitted hats also look and feel trendy. If you are not a large hats fan, you can opt for smaller hats such as the conventional sports cap if you are a bit tomboyish. Sports caps worn backwards or sideways makes one look casual and cool. Ladies who still have a childish side to them can wear propeller hats or pointed hats (Remember Mickey’s Sorcerer Hat).

  1. Hair AccessoriesImage result for woman Minnie Mouse hairstyle

Many a times it is dreadful to keep your long hair open in the heat and sunlight. Short haired ladies, on the other hand need not worry about keeping their hair open though. To keep your hair tied in the summer, you can use trendy ribbons. You can also use the Minnie Mouse hairstyle (which works only with long and straight hair and many videos are available on YouTube which show how it is done). Floral hair bands look attractive on both short and long haired ladies.

  1. ShadesImage result for woman Aviators to Wayfarers to Cat Eyes

Isn’t it unimaginable to survive a summer boycotting our beloved shades? Well it sure is! There are so many new styles of sunglasses available in the market from Aviators to Wayfarers to Cat Eyes. To choose the style which suits you requires an extensive research on the different face shapes, and the styles which suit each shape.

  1. ScarvesImage result for woman wearing summer scarves

Scarves save us from the sun’s wrath by covering our face and neck regions. A trendy and pretty scarf can change your whole look. The color of your scarf should either nearly match your dress or contrast it. Contrast color scarves are in and can be carried out easily by confident gals. Floral and tribal prints are also in trend. Scarves can be draped gently on the head, covering your hair or can just be draped around your neck. You should wear your scarf the way it suits you best.

  1. WardrobeImage result for  different summer floral dresses

Floral dresses and dresses with pastel or light colors such as light pink, yellow, green or lavender look beautiful in the summer. Besides dresses, sportswear is also in. Not only is Dry Fit clothing comfortable, it also suits women having a sporty body type or attitude.

  1. MakeupImage result for woman wearing light summer makeup

No one prefers sweaty and sticky faces in summer. Makeup application should be very light in the summer. Light colors and pastels are preferable. A minimal amount of foundation should be applied in the summer so that it does get wiped out and look worse. Moreover dark colored lipstick should be avoided so that color bleeding does not occur smearing onto your lower face and teeth.

  1. FootwearImage result for woman wearing Lightweight ballerinas

One can follow the conventionality of flip-flops, or one can opt for a more unconventional footwear such as platform slippers or ballerinas. Lightweight ballerinas are in trend and can be carried off prettily by all women. Floral patterns and light-colored ones are especially demanded. Black ones, although irresistible can often attract unwanted heat to your feet.

These summer fashion tips are worth following and will increase your status as an emerging or already emerging fashionista. Hope you have got additional knowledge regarding your wardrobe and accessory choices for this summer. Thank you.

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