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7 ‘Unputdownable’ Female Authors Of All Time

Written by admin  •  Monday, 02.11.2015, 16:39

The pen is mightier than the sword. Women for centuries have proved this time and again. So, here is a list of 7 timeless female authors:

Agatha ChristieAgatha-Christie-Quotes-2

Dame Agatha Mary Christie (15th September 1890-12th January 1976) is the crime thriller author; the world has celebrated for decades. She is the biggest selling author ever, only after Shakespeare and the Holy Bible. She perhaps is the most appreciated female author in the world. Miss Marple is the most famous female detective character created by her.

Emily Bronteemily

Born Emily Jane Bronte (30th July 1818-19th December 1848) this female author has risen above poverty, unhygienic conditions, death of sisters and seclusion. Her most famous novel is WUTHERING HEIGHTS, not much has been known about her as she lived in complete seclusion. Reading the violence and emotional passion in her book, people thought it was written by a man.

Enid Blytonenid-blyton-quotes-about-reading-writing-children

Enid Mary Blyton (11th August 1897-28th November 1968) is a name which every child adores. She is the bestselling children’s books author and will always be so. Her ‘oh so wonderful’ novels like NODDY, FAMOUS FIVE AND SECRET SEVEN have charmed the readers.


Joanne Kathleen Rowling (31st July 1967) is the most unavoidable author in the modern world. She has raised from rags to riches. Her world famous HARRY POTTER SERIES has broken all records in the commercial world and has been adapted to a series of eight films. She is a politically vocal author with political aspirations and is the twelfth richest woman in Britain.

Jhumpa Lahirifb-cover-pic

Born NILANJANA SUDESHNA (11TH July 1967) is an Indian American author who has won the Pulitzer award for her novel THE NAMESAKE…..she is famous for writing novels and stories on second and third generation India Americans and is known for her beautiful word pictures of her childhood days in India….she is one of President Obama’s favourite authors and is a member of the Ministry of Arts and Humanities

Jane Austenjaneausten

Jane Austen (16th December 1775- 18th July 1817) is a writer who brings out the true flavours of the Victorian era ….she wrote mainly about the women of that era in the backdrop of the landed gantry……her fine sense of character building and empowering female characters has been appreciated by all for centuries. Her most famous novels include: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, SENSE AND SENSIBILITIES AND EMMA

Charlotte Brontecharlotte_bronte_quote

Charlotte Bronte (21st April 1816-31st March 1855) is the eldest sister of Emily Bronte and much like her sister has bewildered her readers with her passion for writing even at a time when women writing was a taboo. She has been the only source of information about her sister and has received worldwide recognition for JANE EYRE- AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY.





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