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8 People You Really Can’t Live Without

Written by admin  •  Saturday, 01.10.2016, 11:52

Life is all about being happy with your loved ones. People come, they go; that’s a rare fact but some people have that lifelong bond which can’t be broken. These are the ones you few happy with, these are the ones you want to be happy. No matter how self-sufficient you are you definitely need these people in your life to make it perfect.

Here are some relations/people in life you can’t think of living without:

  1. Your parentsImage result for woman hugging parents

Obviously they top the list. Keeping disagreements apart they stand by you forever.

  1. SiblingsImage result for kardashian sisters having fun\

Nobody understands you better than the one with whom you have spent your childhood with.  The constant battles and adorable talks made relationship stronger over the time.

  1. That best friendImage result for best friends bitching

That friend who has been there through your ups and downs. Who has been with you in your promotions and you roughest break ups.

  1. Bitching friendImage result for best friends bitching

How would you ever know what is going in the world without this friend.

  1. Your masseuseImage result for masseuse

After a tiring day, all you need is a good massage to blow the steam off and who knows is better than your masseuse who just knows the way you like it.

  1. The fashion adviserImage result for best friends shopping]

Which cloth will go with which jeans always messes our mind. Which make up suits us the best.  We always like to be the prettiest in the room and that’s why we can’t really live without out fashion adviser friend .

  1. Beauty parlor ladyImage result for woman in salon

Let it be emergency waxing or threading 2 hours before a party. You parlor lady always shifts customers to serve you.

  1. You own selfImage result for woman riding bike alone

This is a tricky one. Our hectic life and all the money won’t be worth it if we don’t give time to ourselves.

Everyone is busy in their lives. No matter how difficult it is to go along, but don’t give up. That’s the only rule of a happy life. Be happy and keep your loved ones happy too!

Author : Mohini Sharma





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