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10 Tips To Lose Weight Easily

Written by admin  •  Wednesday, 20.07.2016, 08:18
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Weight loss is such a big issue these days. People go for different kind of diets and follow health programs to lose weight. Some even use those products those products that can harm your health. Being overweight is always a problem for those who are conscious about their looks and how society judges them. Rather than eating food that can make them fit, they eat those junk foods are quite unhealthy.

Here are the best and simple ways to lose your weight easily:

  1. Cut down intake of unhealthy foodfast_food_l1

First thing to do is cut down your intake of junk foods. Like every kind of oily food that you can eat on streets. Decide a proper day when you want to eat them. It will be difficult to cut down the food so easily from your daily routine if you are a junkie eater. Just take it slowly.

  1. Prepare your own chartWC_diet_plan640_t640

Well you don’t need a dietitian. One knows about one’s health. So you can plan your own diet chart, just look up at internet and see what kind of food / fruits are healthy for you. And prepare a proper chart so that you can follow it every day.

  1. Eat an apple a daymaxresdefault (2)

Well it’s already a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But apples can really help you to lose weight. Apple contains good fiber that can help you in gaining health and losing weight eventually.

  1. Drink eight glasses of water a dayAIR PUTIH

Drink eight glasses of water a day. There are studies that prove drinking eight glasses of water will help you lose weight easily. Just before eating your meal drink a glass of water so that you don’t need too much and have sufficient food in your stomach.

  1. Cornflakes your breakfast meal

    BB7KAR Girl eating Cornflakes breakfast

Cornflakes are one of the best ways to start your day. You could have your favorite flavored cornflakes with milk and you get nutrition plus you remain fit. Your day meal has to be filled with a lot of fiber and protein and cornflakes can provide you that.

  1. Turn to vegetarian2012_Jul19_WOMAN_Woman_eating_salad_450

You can shift your diet to plant based food from animal one. Plants provide you all the needed nutrients and carbohydrates. They reduce the intake of fat and so you can shift from a chicken burger to a veg burger if you love junk a lot.

  1. Take fruits to your job140915-425x282-eating-fruit2

You can have fruits in your meal at the time of food break rather than eating heavy full course meal. It’s important to eats fruits so that some freshness can enter your stomach.

  1. Daily walkWalking-is-superfood-665x385

Go for a daily walk in the morning. You can walk even while you work if you have hectic schedule. Like while holding files or drinking coffee/tea you can walk and feel good for some time. Rather than taking lifts for fewer floors, take staircase for a fact.

 9. Have green tea2

Green tea has a antioxidants which help in losing belly fat so have a stock of this tea and consume it at least 2 times a day. Don’t forget to exercise though. As this tea will not only help.

 10. Cycling4

It is a very aerobic sport. Along with reducing weight, it also helps in building up lean muscle mass and improves your strength. You should do cycling for half and hour daily, which will helps you in reducing between 75-670 calories.

I guess these things will definitely help you in losing some pounds of weight. Don’t forget to eat healthy to stay fit. It’s not important that you skip your meal and all, you can even eat some junk food whenever you like but for once a while not every day.

Author : Shreya Khosla


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