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9 Foods For Weight Loss Easily

Written by admin  •  Sunday, 10.07.2016, 18:21

Admit it. We all have that one dress we love, but is not our size and it is the goal of our life to fit into it. But how? We love food. Who wouldn’t love food? ;( More food is fatter. More fat and the dream of the dress go far far away. What if we told you, you could eat tons and still shed pounds?

Grinning from ear to ear, aren’t you? Here’s how:

  1. Applesweight-loss-apple

They are only 100 calories per serving, so that would make them a wonderful on-the-go snack that is filling enough. They’re yummy too.

  1. Coconuts

    coconut with pink tape measure over white background (concept of health, diet)

They contain a form of chain triglycerides that have the ability to increase the metabolism rate of the liver by a whooping 30 %.

  1. Orangeorange-and-tape-for-web1

Each section of this citrus delight provides you with 85 calories of energy and also 5 grams of dietary fibre. It is a nutrient dense fruit packed with anti-oxidants.

  1. BerriesBerries

Why berries? Because there’s raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries! and they’re all so colorful! They are lauded as fat burning foods.

  1. BananasMorning-Banana-Diet-Plan

These bright yellow treats burn body fat selectively without targeting carbohydrates. The potassium in them helps build muscles which in turn burns fat.

  1. Avocadodiet-avocado

This exotic fruit has a unique taste. It not only increases metabolism of the body but each serving also contains 20 grams of healthy fat.

  1. Grapefruithqdefault

This is hilarious, I know. But it’s the truth! A study that was conducted at John Hopkins University showed that those who ate grapefruit daily lost 20 pounds in 13 weeks!

  1. PomegranatesYes-Pomegranate-is-Good-for-Weight-Loss

These fruits speed up metabolism, lower your appetite and also stop atrial lipid build up. You have a bonus perk, no lip tint through the day. Lush red lips, naturally. 😉

  1. Spinach1409750996572_wps_39_image001_png

Go green! This greeny has so much good in it. It stabilizes blood pressure and improves neurological health. And it also makes you strong like Popoye, the sailor man!

Like seriously girls, why diet when you can hog on so many delicious and healthy food? Hog your path to a fitter you. Eat healthy! Lose weight! Live young!!

Author : Snigdha Mohana


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