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A Star Is Born-Rachel McAdams

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Born on 18th November 1978, Rachel McAdams is a Canadian actress and an extremely known face in Hollywood. Today on her 37th birthday we are extremely delighted to write an article entirely on her.

Early lifetumblr_lq8g1wyh731qmsx08o2_500

Rachel McAdams is a Canadian of English, Italian, Scottish and Welsh origin. She is an extraordinary actress and a director’s dream. She graduated from the York University with a four year degree in theatre. Her theatre background gives her the acting base.


Rachel McAdams is a much known face in Hollywood. She has done more than 30 films and most of which have done extremely well in the box office and are critically acclaimed. Her first film was ‘MY NAME IS TANINO’ and given below is a list of some of her very well known films and she collected a number of awards for these films and her role:

  • The hot chick
  • The perfect pie
  • Mean girls
  • The notebook
  • Wedding crashers
  • The time traveller’s wife
  • Sherlock Holmes


Television career75

McAdams has had a scorching television career with a chain of roles on television. Her TV ventures include:

  • Shotgun love dolls
  • The famous Jett Jackson
  • Guilt by association
  • Earth: final conflict
  • Slings and arrows
  • True detective


Low Profile Attitudemorning_glory_movie_image_rachel_mcadams_01

Rachel McAdams is known in Tinsel town for her low profile attitude and simple lifestyle. She maintains a low profile lifestyle unlike her contemporaries. She is pragmatic and rational. She even walked out of a photo shoot session when she came to know that it was a nude photo shoot. A while back she even got rid of her PR professional.

Love lifenotebook

Rachel Mcadams has had a string of affairs. Her most talked about relationship was with her co-star Ryan Gosling. They were the talk for everyone at a time. Even their movie ‘The Notebook’ was a successful movie which won number of nominations and awards. She also dated American actor Josh Lucas, Welsh actor Michael Sheen and music manager Patrick Sambrook.


An extraordinary actress like her is definite to get numerous awards. She has received a Gemini Award, 2 MTV Award for her film mean girls and 10 Teen Choice Awards for films mean girls, wedding crashers, and the notebook. She even received a Hollywood Award and umpteen number of nominations.

Along with her cinematic contributions she is also an environmental activist and has contributed considerably for homeless people. So on her 37th birthday we wish her all the success and happiness in life. May she always be the humble person she is and delight her fans with her extraordinary performances. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!!

Author : Sayani Ghosh


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