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Be A Responsible Mother! Save Your Child From HIV

Written by admin  •  Monday, 04.01.2016, 15:16

Mother to child transmitted HIV AIDS is one of the most common ways of transmission. It is thus the responsible of the mother to protect her child from this deadly disease.

What is mother to child transmission?hiv

Mother to child transmission is the transmission of HIV from mother to child during pregnancy.


Mother to child transmission is caused by pregnant women with HIV; transmitted during pregnancy, during delivery, while breastfeeding.


This can be prevented if:

  • HIV tests of the mother are done during pregnancy.
  • The mother takes HIV medicines during pregnancy.
  • The birth of the child is done my Cesarean Delivery.
  • The child is prevented from breast feeding.

What happens if a new born is detected with HIV?nk

If a new born is detected to be HIV positive then he/she is given medications for 6 weeks and is prevented from breast feeding

Every mother wants her child to be safe and healthy. So I urge every woman to be responsible mothers and make sure your HIV tests are done during or before your pregnancy so that your child is born with all the health and happiness in the world. Happy Motherhood!

Author : Sayani Ghosh


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