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5 Romantic Countries You Must Visit With Your Special One

While planning on the most memorable journey of your life, you surely need to make an effort to make it the best. Your trip needs to...

7 Lesser Known Facts About Oscar Winner Patty Duke

Patty Duke, Oscar winning US actress of film and television passed away recently at the age of 69 due to sepsis from a ruptured...

5 Star Cross Lovers That We Saw In Movies

Not only Romeo Juliet story left an eternal remark in our hearts. But there are also several other star cross lovers shown in movies...

5 Locations Around The World Perfect For Honeymoon

Honeymoon is always supposed to be spent in some fairy tale land where you are with your prince charming and everything is just...

Beauty with Brains!

5 Female Stars With Eternal Beauty

“Beauty is in the eye of beholder”, rightly said by someone that beauty is how we perceive and want it to be. Beauty is A visual...

5 Stars Who Did The Boldest Role In Movies

Movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood can be full of surprises and “bold” scenes to curb the attention. Seriously, can happen and...

4 Reasons Why Menstruation Should Stop Being Considered A Taboo

As women, we all know the difficulties of that time of the month! Periods can honestly be quite the frustration to many of us and the...

5 Easy Steps To Boost Your Self Esteem

Although there many important things in life, nothing is more important than having a positive outlook about yourself and the way you...

5 Movies That Will Change Your Views On Life

Being a movie junkie myself, I love all kinds of movies from romance to horror to the movies that just make you want to sit back and...

5 Reasons Why We Love Emilia Clarke

Probably one of the most bubbly and adorable out of all the cast of the Game of Thrones series, Emilia Clarke is truly an actress...
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