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5 Easy Exercises To get Your Tummy Flat

Marriage next month or you are planning to wear a crop top but you are worried about your stomach.  Getting a flat tummy is not at...

8 Exercises To Lose Weight Easily

Losing weight can be a quite tiring and difficult to do. Taking out time to go to the gym seems almost next to impossible. So here are...

Top 8 Android Apps That Will Keep You Fit

Do you long for a perfect body? Do you wish to fit into that sexy dress you bought last year, but can’t wear it anymore? All you...

6 Yoga Postures That Pregnant Women Must Do

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that is helpful for body, mind and spirit. It has been practiced by yogi rishi and munis,...
Woman in a gym on a running machine

6 Precautions To Be Taken By Gym Goers

Following a healthy routine and exercising daily keeps one fit and fine. And going to gym is one of the ways of following a healthy...

A Complete Yoga Guide

5 Things To Know About Yoga For Beginners

The trend that has captivated the West with its simplicity and innumerable benefits is  yoga. For those of you who are unaware about...

The Stay-Fit-Guideline

10 Top Exercises To Stay Fit

Who doesn’t want to be fit? But do you feel highly packed and can’t hit gym all the days? Then here are few solutions which would...

6 Gym Tips For Beginners

New to the gym? Just beginning to work out and not aware about the dos and don’ts?! Worry not here we are with beginner’s guide...

5 Reasons To Hit Gym Regularly

Most people crib about going to the gym. They either feel lazy or are irked due to slow progress. Yet they can’t leave it or miss a...

4 Easy Alternatives To Your Boring Gym Routine

Taking time out from a hectic schedule to devote to one’s own self is probably the hardest thing to do nowadays. Going to the gym...
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