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8 Signs You Were Raised By Strict And Overprotective Parents

Growing up, many of us had parents who took disciplining to a whole other level and often, it makes it a whole lot harder to maintain...

 “The Way We Dress Shouldn’t Affect The Way You Learn!”

5 Reasons Why Sexism in Schools/Colleges Having A Negative Impact On Young Women

We all know the feeling when the principal calls you into the office for ‘inappropriate’ dressing or having to be sent back home...

6 Advices Every Girl Wants To Give Her Younger Self

As we grow up we realize how stupid we were ‘back then’. We think how differently situations could have been handled and how...

20 is the age of experiments!!

4 Experiences Every 20 Something Girl Need To Have In Life

Every girl at some point in her life, has definitely got an experience in his hand to talk about or have a lesson from that...

4 Reasons Why Counseling Is Necessary At School

“A healthy mental attitude is essential for a young girl to blossom into a smart lady” Psychological health is often...

6 Major Bad Influences Of Peers On Teenagers

Peer pressure and influence is very prevalent among the teenagers these days and the extent of pressure on them is really huge. There...

7 Things Every Teen Girl Wants Her Mom To Understand!

The bond between a mother and a daughter is very special. It is irreplaceable, unbreakable. The first best friends we ever had were...

5 Things Every Hostel Girl Can Relate To

Every person at least once in his life should live in a hostel, moving out from your house to a totally different atmosphere is a...

5 Things Only Girls With Conservative Parents Can Relate To

We are living in 21st century and we still have some parents with backward kind of thinking which are making lives of their daughters...

9 Things Lazy Girls Will Be Familiar With!

“Invention arises directly from idleness, possibly also from laziness.”- Agatha Christie Laziness is not a sin. Still you have to...
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