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5 Reasons Why Women Cheat On Their Partners

We often wonder how and why do women cheat even after a “5 year” old relationship. Everybody has a reason behind whatever they do...

5 Things That Stimulate Sex Feeling

A person’s virginity is considered to be sacred and that should be respected. There are several medications and alternatives present...

5 Signs He’s Is A Freak In Bed

The first thing that you think of before getting into a serious relationship with a guy is how compatible you are with them on an...

7 Reasons Why Hooking-Up Is Better Than Being In A Relationship

Relationships need love, time and understanding. Who have such kind of ability to focus on such things? People now a day’s desire...
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Mistakes Men Make While Kissing That Turn Us Off

It’s all about first impressions! It is said that a girl judges a man’s intimacy skills by the way he kisses. No matter how...

7 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Not Initiating Sex

Every girl weaves an internal wild desire to sleep with the person she love. Sex is the inevitable outcome of love. One cannot resist...

Wish to Spice It Up?

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Boring Sex Life

Sex is a very beautiful and intense feeling. But can it get boring after a certain period of time? Yes, it can. But no worries you...

7 Ways To Master The Art Of Dirty Talking

Naughty? Loving to deviate every thought of yours to some different perspective? Being funny in young age is marked by your mental...

4 Best Positions From The Manual Of Pleasure

“Sex is deeper than a few inches of penetration. It is a mental communion. A soul dance. Something that will make your mind lose...

5 Common Myths Surrounding Asexuality

The biggest myth surrounding asexuality is that it “doesn’t exist”. But guess what, it very well does! Every one out of a...
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