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How To Manage Time As A School Student?

Written by admin  •  Sunday, 08.11.2015, 14:27
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Ours is a fast paced world, where we are expected to do mountainous amount of homework, attend school, be aware of pop culture, latest news, school gossip, pursue our hobbies and make time for extracurricular activities- all this while trying to make time for friends and family and staying depression-free. Add some petty household chores to the mix and you’re a dead woman/man.

Here are some time management techniques that may help you survive long enough to reach your college premises.

 1. Make a tentative timetablemedium

Make a timetable in your mind, a very rough idea of the important things that are necessary for you to do in a day. Don’t write down this timetable and paste it on your cupboard or something. You’ll immediately lose interest. And don’t make timetables worthy of military camps with five minute toilet breaks. Have a quarter day system.

 2. Recognize your priorities479706651

Have priorities and recognize them as being more important than the other things. If your homework is your priority, have a no nonsense time for it and always strive to do it before the other things. But if your art projects are more important to you, then give them the required space and time.

 3. Balance is the key

Two girls (10-12) doing chemistry experiments in classroom


Everyone says ‘Don’t overwork yourself’. But nobody tells us how not to. Simply know what amount of work is required in a day, don’t take up external work and projects if you don’t have time for them and understand that it’s okay to procrastinate when you don’t find enough time to breathe.

 4. Give yourself time to do things you lovesoccer-middle-school-girls-466x308

It doesn’t have to be a daily thing but do give yourself treats whenever you find unexpected free time. By doing something you love doesn’t always mean your hobbies. Hobbies can be stressful too. Do something that calms, sooths and relaxes you be it reading a book watching binge TV or spending time with friends.

Our school life is supposed to be an easier or let’s say a less complicated and less busy part of our lives but that does not really hold true anymore with the ever increasing competition in the society. Learning time management can work wonders for you if you’ve fallen deep into the huddle. The most important thing while trying to manage time is to find an approach that works for you. Take your time and think about how, when and what (also, what not) to do.

Author : Divya Singh


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