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Is Women’s Hair A Sign Of Power?

Written by admin  •  Tuesday, 13.09.2016, 10:07

As it is truly said that hair is the symbol of the women integrity. The women’s hair shows the true image of the beauty and the beast image, not only this the hair is the sign of women empowerment. As this is also the trending point of the women like some of the women having the short hair, some having the long hair and some of them having the men length hair.

So let’s see some of the reason behind this:

  1. DevotionImage result for woman with long hair in church

As we go back to the past we saw and read about the women with long hair. They never cut their hair because it shows the devotion of the god and the true worship towards the religion.

  1. SufismImage result for Sufism women

As it is the way to express the love towards the god, so women kept hair to show the integrity with the god.

  1. AestheteImage result for aesthete women

It is a way to profess to have refined sensitivity towards the art, music, poetry etc.

  1. SymbolicImage result for warrior woman

As hair is the sign of the war and great warrior or samurai who’s having the power of their hair and the symbol of the great ruler.

  1. CultureImage result for traditional women with long hair

It is also the way to denote the culture and the trend. Like long hair specifies the tradition.

Hence all from we could not prove that actually hair is the symbol of power but through all this we can prove the women status in the world through her hair and not only this but also won the respected position in this century.

Author : Mohini Sharma





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