Confused Sandals

5 DIY Tricks Every Girl Must Know

By admin • Oct 14, 2016

5 Easy And Stylish Nail Arts

By admin • Oct 01, 2016

Is Women’s Hair A Sign Of Power?

By admin • Sep 13, 2016

7 Summer Fashion Tips From Head To Toe

By admin • Sep 12, 2016
anti aging skin care

10 Proved Ways to Have Younger Skin Without Botox

Ever wondered how the Holly starlets in their 40s look like they are in their 20s, while you being in your 30s look like a tired...
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hair care

5 Foods for Model Like Shiny Hair

The adverts might show long lustrous shiny hair only by using their brand of shampoo, but the fact is it requires much more than that....
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doctor check-up

5 Things a Woman Should Discuss with her Doctor

It is of utmost importance that women carve out some time out of her busy schedules to book an appointment with their medical...
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Two female fashion bloggers working in the office

16 Proofs That You Are a Workaholic

If you are counted among those who are young and successful and love your job, perhaps a bit too much, while your friends are always...
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summer sun

7 Easy Homemade Beauty Tricks for Summer Heat

Are your fears of tan- burns, frizzy hair and sweaty, oily faces keeping you away from your fun and frolic on the beach? Fortunately...
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