Confused Sandals

5 DIY Tricks Every Girl Must Know

By admin • Oct 14, 2016

5 Easy And Stylish Nail Arts

By admin • Oct 01, 2016

Is Women’s Hair A Sign Of Power?

By admin • Sep 13, 2016

7 Summer Fashion Tips From Head To Toe

By admin • Sep 12, 2016

7 Summer Fashion Tips From Head To Toe

Summer is the time we ladies love to go to water parks, beaches, or tropical destinations. Be it a friend’s tea party in the...

5 Women’s Clothing & Fashion Style From Ancient Times

As 1980’s fashion was bold, colorful and sometimes outrageous. Asked from those who are of 1980’s knows better about the fashion...

5 Things Every Girl Faces While Traveling Alone In A Public Transport

Public transportation does offer several advantages but travelling alone for a girl is not at all safe, especially during the night....

5 Different Thoughts For Women Travelogue

What does this implies? A simple way of explaining your traveling adventure or to capture   soothes of the environment which gives...

5 Types Of Photo Montages For Women

It is just a way of composite the photographs in different and the unique way just to remember all your memories which you forget or...

5 Things To Remember When You Feel Disheartened

At some point of time every one of us deal with discouragement, get dis-hearted. At times we feel that we are defeated and we find...

5 Things You Will Get If You Recently Gained Weight

Always been called the stick-thin girl of your class? Were you once the person who received quirky weight gain ideas from your...

7 Lesser Known Facts About Oscar Winner Patty Duke

Patty Duke, Oscar winning US actress of film and television passed away recently at the age of 69 due to sepsis from a ruptured...

6 Easy Yet Beautiful Room Decor Ideas

‘Individuality is the definition of freedom.’ What better place to be free than your cozy little room, where it’s all about you!...

6 Ways To Replace Milk Without Losing Out On The Fun

Being lactose intolerant can wreak havoc on one’s life. It calls for numerous lifestyle changes and taking multiple precautions...
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