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Top 6 Songs By Female Artists In Summer 2016

Written by admin  •  Friday, 22.07.2016, 07:23
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Summer is all about having a nice time and nothing makes the day better than some foot-tapping music. This summer has seen vibrant and remarkably diverse kinds of music hit the top of the charts. While at times, some predictable favorites have dominated, at other instances, fresh music has stolen the scene. And as it happens most often, some extremely talented women are leading the pack when it comes to summer hits.

Here’s a look at some of the best among them –

  1. Cheap Thrills

The beat of this song is so catchy that you have no choice but to agree with the lyrics and ‘keep dancing’. It’s up beat and funky, and there’s something very groovy about the rhythm. Sia brought out this hit in the early weeks of summer but the popularity of the track has ensured that it continues to dominate even after all this while.

  1. Just Like Fire

Pink is back with yet another classic. This one’s a brilliant composition and forms a part of the Alice through the Looking Glass movie, by Disney. It became a crowd favorite within days of its release. The robust music together with the strangely inspiring lyrics make this a song worth playing on repeat. Also, the video is just a splendid visual treat.

  1. Dangerous Woman

Ariana Grande had some wonderful tracks in the previous years and she follows them up with this intense love ballad. It’s a lot different from most of the songs that are a mainstay of Ariana’s oeuvre. The tempo is slower and lets you savor the extremely sensual music and lyrics. When she debuted this track on Jimmy Falon’s Tonight Show, the crowd went crazy.

  1. Me too

Meghan Trainor is all about loving and celebrating the self and nothing epitomizes this better than this summer melody. It is proud, it is blatantly honest and full of joy, just like its maker. The video to this track got into a bit of a fix after Meghan’s voluptuous curves were air-brushed to give her a clenched, albeit very false, waistline. She quickly took down the video saying it was not authorized and put up the original in which she wears her curves proudly.

  1. Work from Home

This track is a typically sexy number from Fifth Harmony and quite an enjoyable listen. The song is impressive for its languid movement that makes you sway but at the same time keeps you arrested. Some delectable rap lines by Ty Dolla Sign compliments this track very well. Such is the popularity of this song that the all-girls band performing the same at the Billboards awards this year was easily the highlight of the evening.

  1. This is what you came for

This is technically a Calvin Harris track so it is not exactly the work of a female artist but truth be told, Rihana infuses soul to this song and that makes all the difference. This is currently one of the biggest chart-busters in the country and is well on its way to going down in history as a classic. Rihana’s vocals blend exceptionally well with the refreshing EDM music, making it a stellar summer success.

These are some of the biggest hits making rounds throughout the world. Their popularity is soaring high and it is primarily because of the female artists responsible for these amazing numbers. They are currently ruling the roost and look to continue their supreme reign all through the summer.

Author : Ekasmayi Naresh


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